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hell out of your business?

It’s time to step away from generic strategies and dive into a tailored, data-driven approach that’s all about you.

Let’s get laser-focused on your goals and craft a strategic plan designed uniquely for your success.

Hey There Visionary...

You’re at a pivotal moment to propel your business forward. Ideas are flowing abundantly, each one sparking excitement, yet the realization dawns that not all can be put into action.

The time has come to refine your offerings, simplify your marketing strategy and optimize your sales for increased profitability.

But here’s the question:

Where do you start? What’s that crucial first step?

That’s where I step in.

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Let's Get to Know One Another

I’m not here to offer you a one-size-fits-all solution or a magical shortcut to instant success. No, that’s not how real growth works. Your business is unique: your strategy should be too. You became an entrepreneur to be free, not to feel stuck. Freedom brings with it ultimate control over your workflow, the clients you choose to work with, and the means to enjoy the hell out of life.

When you work with me, expect accountability with a hug. Will I push you out of your comfort zone? You bet, because that’s where the magic happens. I’ll also make sure you get there with a focused action plan, solid growth strategy, and systems that work.

Michelle DeNio Consulting is founded on two core principles for business growth:
Focused strategic action and forming deep lifelong relationships.

Work With Me

I am a business strategist, a strategic planning expert and YOUR strategic alignment coach.

Here’s how I can support your vision.

Our 1:1 Strategic Focus Intensives are perfect for growth-stage business owners seeking specialized support in areas like marketing, sales, or action planning. They’re designed for those who need accountability and require expert guidance to further their business success.

This is for the Growth to Scaling Stage Business Owner, ready to implement a long-term annual strategic plan. Ideal for those who have data available and need help organizing it. Suited for business owners with many ideas, but who are now seeking a strategic, focused plan to execute effectively.

This opportunity is open to all business owners, but it’s ideally suited for those in the growth stage looking to expand their network. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs aiming to deepen business relationships and maximize their networking efforts for increasing clients and collaborations.

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