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If you have ever done a large launch of a new course, product, or service – you know that it can be an extremely overwhelming, exhausting yet exhilarating, and exciting experience all at the same time. Some people absolutely THRIVE being in “live launch” mode AKA spending 2-6 weeks promoting solely that ONE product or service in your business.


If you are one of those people that find it exhausting and overwhelming – this one is for you…

I had a client who was in the “launch mode is exhausting boat” however – she felt like it was what she “needed” to do. She hates the actual marketing and all of the different processes of being in “launch mode”. So I told her if she didn’t like to be in launch mode, then don’t do it. As an entrepreneur, you have the power and ability to say you aren’t going to put yourself in a situation that you don’t like.

In this client’s case, she has a course that should be accessible all the time. It doesn’t require any of her time because it’s a DIY course. To be honest, it’s a course that every single person in business really could benefit from at any given time.

So I told her she should promote it and sell it when she sees the need that needs to be met. Selling a course/product/service is so much easier if you’re just constantly sharing it. Put it out there and have it available all the time. Take the pressure off yourself.


Monthly Marketing vs. Launch Mode

So, as a compromise, we decided to put the course on her website – available for purchase every day and incorporate it into her monthly marketing. Instead of being in “launch mode”, she decided that she’s going to run some form of promotion on it twice a year.

Running a promotion on a product twice a year is very different than being in “launch mode”. It’s less exhausting. In this case, it also works better for her business model and the amount of time she has.


If being in launch mode exhausts you, then don’t do it.

It really is that plain and simple. If you don’t enjoy it – your chances of doing it well or successfully are slim, so rather, find a way to market and sell your products and services in a way that you can get excited about. When you are excited about it, your audience will be too.

Take the stress and pressure off yourself. Get back to selling and sharing in a way that you love and that makes you feel excited and exhilarated…not exhausted.


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