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Stop Giving Up Too Soon

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Have you ever launched a new product or service only for it to not go the way you envisioned it? Did you just throw in the towel early because you thought no one wanted what you were offering??? If you are guilty of this, I can guarantee you that you are probably guilty of giving up too soon.

I know how hard it is to feel like you put your all into something and then feel like it’s falling flat. But, if you didn’t truly give it enough time for people to see it, then you probably gave up on this amazing thing way too soon.


Are you giving it enough time?

Recently I worked with a client, and we had put a strategy together where she would do free masterclasses that lead people to a paid 6 week program. This was a strategy that she felt good about and wanted to do. However, it was brand new. Not only was the masterclass new, but the program was new, too. Even her audience was fairly new. About two weeks into it, she expressed to me that this strategy was not working. Guess what? This client was giving up too soon! She had a brand new service that she had only talked about for 2 weeks and she was ready to throw in the towel.

I see this all the time. You’re constantly moving from something new to something else that’s new without giving your original strategy enough time to work or, at the very least, collect data for you that you can then evaluate and make a more educated decision.

Another example: I had a colleague who had a new service offer idea. She shared it on her social once and decided since 3 people said “No” that it wasn’t a good offer. But that’s not the case. It just means that it’s not a good offer for those three people.


Remember things take time.

There are a million and a half factors that play into people seeing your offer in the land of social media. For example, let’s talk about algorithms. You can blame them, hate them, or love them. If you’re relying on social media, which 90% of entrepreneurs are – you have to understand that the algorithm plays a role.

Just because you put something out there does not mean that everybody has seen it. On average it’s around 2% to 5% of your audience that sees your content. You have to keep putting it out there in different ways.


Let’s not forget that people are also on information overload.

You and everybody else is sharing information on social media. Just because somebody sees something once and doesn’t immediately buy, it doesn’t mean that they’re not interested. Maybe when they did see it they were also in the process of doing something else that required their attention.

You have to remember that we are in this constant state of movement. There’s so many distractions out there that when your offer doesn’t immediately take off it’s easy to think, “Oh my gosh! This strategy is not working. I need to switch it up.” But the reality is…you’re probably just giving up on it too soon.


Take this podcast for example.

The first couple of days, I didn’t get near the response I was thinking I was going to get. I had been talking about it and sharing it all over social media that I was going to be launching it. On launch day I got a private message from someone I had worked with over a year ago asking me what was new and exciting in my life.

I was shocked that they had no idea I was launching a podcast! I had been sharing it everywhere, but they hadn’t seen it. That was when I learned that hardly any of my posts had been showing up in their feed. Does that mean that the podcast wasn’t a good idea, or that I should have given up on it? No! It just means that people didn’t see it. STAY THE COURSE!!


Collecting data…

I see people giving up on a strategy before it is fully executed, or before they’ve given it ample amount of time to actually collect data. When you allow your strategy to execute for an ample amount of time, you can then evaluate the data you have received. Based on this data, you can then adjust the way you are delivering the product or service to your audience.

Your message, call to action, and response will still be the same, but the way you present it might need to change. But do not give up on a product or service just because you think you put it out there for a short amount of time and think it’s just not working.


Let’s talk statistics.

It takes a person 7 to 12 exposures before they buy. It can sometimes take even longer. I’ve been getting an ad for software for three years. I still haven’t purchased it. I have probably clicked the link 65 times, but I still haven’t bought it. Doesn’t mean I’m not interested or that their marketing is not working. It’s just not the right timing. But they’re not giving up on me. They keep targeting me.


My advice to you is to do the same.

Keep going. Do not give up too soon. And if you have something that you have given up on, and you do not have any data that supports that your market truly is not interested, I encourage you to really think and evaluate that.

Unless you have actual data that says this strategy did not work, then you’ve probably given up too soon. Stop doing that! Give your strategy enough time to produce results or data that you can use to reframe the way you present your product or service to your audience.


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