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We all know that when it comes to network and relationship marketing, things take time.  It takes time to meet someone and then nurture and grow a relationship of trust with them. However, the true beauty behind network and relationship marketing is that you may not even end up doing business with the person you meet.  You may end up as someone that they refer out to their inner circle. That’s the beauty and the benefit of networking properly. 

Let me give you an example:  I have a client who has been doing a lot of networking.  However, she did business with mostly women, and the networking events she had been going to were mostly men.  They made her feel like the networking events were a waste of time because the people she was interacting with were not her ideal client. 

I had to help her shift her mindset.  Most of those men that were showing up to that networking event have wives, mothers, sisters, and/or daughters.  So even though you might not work with men per se, it doesn’t mean that networking with them isn’t a good idea. You never know who may know someone who is EXACTLY your ideal client.  Remember, it’s not about them, but oftentimes – who they know!  Don’t close doors of opportunity without at least opening them first! 


The Power of Referral

If you are looking to build your business organically through networking and relationship marketing, you need to understand that those relationships take time.  The biggest power of networking and relationship marketing is the power of referral.  But for someone to refer you to someone else, they have to get to know you, like you, and trust you enough to refer people from their circle to you.  This means you have to build a relationship with people even if you don’t intend on necessarily working with them.

A lot of people think that discovery calls or coffee chats can be a HUGE waste of time.  You’re not immediately gaining a new client from every single coffee chat you do.  But you never know where that relationship is going to lead.  This is exactly why you need to be doing networking and relationship marketing. I call it boots on the ground marketing, and it’s the BEST marketing out there. 

The more people you talk to…the more people that remember your name.  Then when they’re talking to somebody who is talking about a problem they are experiencing in their business, they will think of who they know that can help that person solve their problem.  And all you’ve done is have coffee with them once or twice.  But now they’re talking to their network, and you start to build this word of mouth referral.  


You also need to treat networking the same way, whether it’s online or in person.

So many people think online networking is different.   It’s not any different than if you were networking in person.   Get on a coffee chat with people and just understand that it’s going to take time.  You need to build those relationships.  Get deep with people!!! Get to know who they are and what they like! Then make sure that they know exactly who your ideal client is and what you do to help your ideal client.  That way if they meet someone you can help, they know they can refer them to you.  Again, be very clear in who you work with, and how they can make that introduction for you. 

Remember the next time you are networking, it’s not always about the immediate sale, intro, or client.  It’s about building an army of boots on the ground who know you and will remember you when someone needs you! 


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