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Do you have a 3 step offer in your business?  Are you taking your customers through a journey of everything that you offer?  You may have seen the title of today’s episode and thought about what donuts and the customer journey could possibly have in common.  In this particular instance, donuts are related to a 3 step offer that creates a customer journey.  


Donut Sunday


I love donuts!  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see donuts almost every week. I call it Donut Sunday.  A couple of Sundays ago, I told my husband I wanted to go check out this new place I had seen on Instagram.  A friend of mine had tagged it and the donuts and coffee looked amazing.  


Story Time: 


So we went to The Farmhouse SRQ.  We got our donuts and were sitting there enjoying these amazing confections and then walked up and started talking to the owner.  I asked him what made him open this place like this. It’s full of cool merchandise and custom furniture (think HGTV, Joanna Gaines and Wayfair all combined in one place -ahhhhmazig). 

He said, “Well, my thought on it was modern day Cracker Barrel. Get them in the door with a $1 Donut, and they leave with a $20 candle.” 

Here’s the real kicker.   He said that he didn’t even like donuts, but he saw the need in the industry and that everybody else loved them. So he thought he’d get people in the door for the $1-$2 donut, and then they’re going to leave with a $20 candle. So he’s immediately thinking, get them in the door with the upsell.

Here’s the next step in his customer journey.  This man is also a custom furniture designer. He’s amazing. So everything in the restaurant is all custom furniture.  Now you’re sitting there, eating your donut, and you’re admiring how beautiful this furniture is and he has signs all over that say “ask me about custom furniture.  He is inviting people to inquire about his “high end” offer.  


So let’s think about this customer journey and three step offer


  1.  You walk in, and you get this amazing breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. It’s very inexpensive.   
  2. While you’re waiting for them to custom make your donut, you walk around looking at all the different things they have…candles, bags, signs, hats, decor etc… You decide you have to have that candle for $20…
  3. You’re admiring all this beautiful furniture.  You inquire…your wheels start spinning and you picture where that table will fit beautifully in your home.  You grab his card.  

All in a matter of about 20 minutes, you have gone from a simple donut and cup of coffee to buying a candle to inquiring about his custom furniturewithout ever feeling “sold” too. 


So how does this donut and customer journey relate to YOUR business?


  1.  If you go back to that easiest point of entry, what is it that your market needs? It’s not about what you want or what you think they need. It’s about what they want and what they need. You have to figure out what the next step in your customer journey is once you’ve got them in the door.  Then you can give them what you think they need.  So ask yourself what is the next step for your audience once they are in the door? What’s that next mid level product/service? What’s your high ticket offer? How can you take your clients on the same journey?
  2. If you take nothing else away from this, I want you to remember this..what can you do to give your market what they want with knowing that there’s a next step for them? Just like he said…get them in the door for a $1 donut and have them walk out with a $20 candle. What is your $1 donut? And what is your candle? What is it that the market wants that’s going to get them in the door that they are willing to buy because they want to? It has nothing to do with the need! It’s about what they desire.   Figure that out, and then build off of that. Because once you get them in the door, the next step is even easier to sell.  But you have to give them what they want first!


An interesting side note and testament to the power of word of mouth.

This man does not have a website and barely has a social media presence.  He has built a multibillion dollar furniture business through word of mouth.  It has now branched off into these franchises of these little donut shops. Again, done completely by word of mouth.
That is the power of meeting your market where they’re at, serving them in a way that provides tons of value, but also giving them what they want.


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