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Have you ever accessed a freebie or a DIY strategy product that you decided to buy for your business only to have it not work at all?  Chances are you’ve at least seen what I’m talking about.  Here’s the cold, hard truth- implementing a strategy verbatim that is not made FOR YOUR BUSINESS is just NOT going to work.  So what do you do to make it work? 


Quick story time…

For those of you who don’t know, I host a mastermind. The day of the mastermind, I had gotten an email from this pretty high end coach in the online space that included an Instagram Connection Strategy. No lie…it was really good.  So naturally I wrote it down, and I shared it with the people in my mastermind. 

The strategy was talking about ways to make connections by doing searches in certain ways,  actually engaging on people’s content, sending them comments, etc. It was a really good strategy, and it felt authentic when she did it. It did not feel spammy in any way.  Even when she shared it, it looked authentic. 

I was sharing it with the people in my mastermind, and we all really liked it. We discussed different ways you could change it up and implement it. Then the call ends, and one of the members of my mastermind gets this bomb of messages. 

It was someone who was using the strategy we had just been discussing. It felt so spammy.  Now granted she knew what the strategy was because we just talked about it.  But the reality is, it felt spammy because it wasn’t authentic to this woman and her business.


Mix it up

Ok – so using the story above, here’s what you need to do if you find yourself liking a strategy that wasn’t made for you.   You can take somebody’s strategy, but you need to implement it to what you would do in your own business. 

If you would never send a random message out to somebody in a DM, don’t do that part.  But you might send a little voice memo, like their posts, or you might engage on their story and start a conversation. You have to take parts of the strategy and then customize them to you, your business, your voice, your brand, and your tone. 


You aren’t them.

People are constantly selling a strategy in the online space that worked well for them…BUT YOU AREN’T THEM! So you’re not going to be able to implement it the same way that they did.  It won’t be authentic to you if you try to implement it verbatim.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t take pieces of that strategy and make it your own. 


Adapting the strategy to fit YOUR business.

For example, in this particular strategy she talks about doing all 4 steps all at once. My thought was to slow the process down a little bit and do it over the course of a week.  Yes- it’s a little bit longer. But that strategy feels more in alignment for me because that’s how I would make conversation. 

When you are looking to implement a strategy that worked well for someone else, make sure you’re adapting it to fit YOUR business.  

Ask yourself: 

Take the strategy and figure out how you can just make those small adjustments. The small adjustments are what’s going to make it authentic to you. And when it’s authentic, standing in integrity, and it feels good, the results are going to be that much better. 


People want to deal with authentic people. 

They do not want to deal with robots. So put a little bit of human relationship behind the strategy that you’re trying to implement. I promise you…it’s going to go a whole lot further. You don’t want to be thought of as spam. That’s the fastest way to the delete button.  Simple, little changes can make a world of difference and get you 10 times more results than just implementing something verbatim.


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