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So you have these BIG goals for your business.  You want to achieve them, and you’re even talking to people about them.  BUT…are the actions you are taking in your business aligning with those goals?  Are you walking the walk and talking the talk?  Or are you simply just making noise about things you’d LIKE to do in your business?  Let’s explore aligning your actions with your goals.


I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Make sure that your actions are in alignment with the things that you are talking about wanting to achieve in your business- AKA your goals. Those actions are what’s going to define whether you are a success, right? So they need to be in alignment with the things you want to achieve.

If you have all these BIG goals and aspirations that you want to achieve, and they are so important to you that you’re telling people about them… that is amazing!  But take a hard look to see if the actions that you’re taking are in alignment with those goals. 


Are you doing the things that you need to be doing to hit the goals that you’re talking about? 

That’s what I mean by making sure your actions are in alignment with the things that you’re talking about. I’m talking about those things you say you’re going to be doing or going to be working on. Are you truly working on them?  Because what I see a lot of times is people doing a lot of talking. But then when you see their actions, it tells a completely different story.

Let’s say you “say” you want to completely fill up a webinar you are doing.  But then when I look at your social media, I see that you have only posted about it once.  Taking action once is not going to fill your webinar.  So in this case, your actions are NOT in alignment with the goals you’re setting out for yourself. 


Here’s a reminder…

Take a look at your actions. Then take a look at your goals that you’ve set for yourself. Take a look at all the things you’ve said you’re going to do. Replay some conversations you’ve had with others in your mind and just ask yourself, “Are my actions in alignment with all the things I say I’m going to be doing?” 


I am 100% guilty of saying I’m going to do a lot of things. 

This podcast is a great example of it.  I talked about it for a year. I didn’t take a whole lot of action on it. There’s a lot of things that we say we’re going to do, but then we don’t do them. So, if you feel like you’re coming up short, like maybe you’re not hitting your goals, take a hard look at yourself. Be honest with yourself. Take a hard look at your own actions and at the things that you’ve been working on. Are the things you’ve been working on keeping you busy? Are you working on behind the scenes stuff rather than putting yourself out there?


Don’t get stuck in creation mode.

If you are working on things like the back end of the next program you’re going to do instead of putting yourself out there doing actions that are in alignment with your goals, that keeps you in creation mode. You like being there because it’s easy to be there. Putting yourself out there to actually share and fill a program might be putting you outside of your comfort zone. Take a hard look at what you’ve been working on and think about whether or not your actions are in alignment with the things you say you’re working on. 


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