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Are You Lacking Focus?

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Are you experiencing a lack of focus and direction in your business?  The real question is…do you even know that it’s happening? It’s easy to think that you are moving forward in your business when you are staying busy.  But are you truly doing tasks that move your business in one, solid linear direction?  Or are you just doing “things” that make you “feel busy” so that you don’t have to focus on actually taking action and stop being all over the place?


Lack of focus is probably the number one mistake I see in entrepreneurs.

Lack of focus can definitely keep you from growing your business.   It could also be what’s costing you the results that you desire. Being in this constant state of creative energy that you tend to be in as an entrepreneur could actually be inhibiting your ability to grow your business. It’s natural to get stuck in this place of constant creative energy because most of us are multi passionate, and we can do and are good at more than one thing. 


Time for a story.

I have a client who does operations. She’s a whiz at Dubsado, but she’s better at ClickUp. She literally can master your operations inside of ClickUp. Here’s a newsflash…just because you can do something does not mean you need to offer it. That lack of focus and direction is so confusing to your audience because it really makes it hard for people to know what you are the go-to expert for. 

Think about when you see somebody who is on Facebook, and they can teach you all about Facebook ad marketing. Then next thing you know they’re teaching you about LinkedIn organic marketing. And then next thing you know, they’re teaching you how to sell in the DMS on Instagram. 

Maybe they can do all of those things. But think about how much more you would respect them if all they did was talk about how to sell in the DMS, how to use Instagram for lead magnet, and how to create genuine conversation in the DMS.  Think about how much more of an expert they are if their conversation continually talked about that in every offer they put out. 

Maybe the first step is how to create a new connection on Instagram. Then the next up is how to increase your awareness and your engagement on your stories. Next it’s how to get into the DMS without being spammy. When they do this you know that they are the go to expert for selling on Instagram and increasing your connections. 


The same is true for you.

You want to make sure that’s what you are known for, that your clients know that, and they don’t think you’re dabbling in all those little things. It decreases your authority and your expertise.  It can also really make you look desperate. People see that you’re doing all kinds of little things and they think you must be really short on cash this month because, all of a sudden, you’re an expert on Facebook marketing when all you’ve ever done is sell on Instagram. It can really decrease your brand authority. 


So how do you stay focused?

Stop with this constant need to want to do something new. I know that doing something new is exciting. But what’s even more exciting is when you stick with one thing, and it starts working. It starts building off of itself.  And the next thing you know you’re just getting leads non stop. I can promise you, I’ve seen this with my client with the ClickUp operations. When she got really crystal clear on being the expert in ClickUp, her world had exploded. She’s getting tagged in a million places. Everything is coming to play. 

Keep a “thoughts and distractions” list. I don’t care where you keep this list.  It can be in your phone or on a piece of paper. Use this list when a new idea pops in your head non stop. I want you writing them down, and I want you letting them sit. Because here’s what’s going to happen. I would say probably 80% of the time, by the time you just let it sit for a couple days, a million other ideas are going to come to you in those couple days. You’re not going to be nearly as excited about it as you were in that moment. This keeps you from being impulsive and moving on to something else when you really don’t need to. 

Stick with one thing. Just because you post about it one time does not mean that it doesn’t work if it doesn’t convert immediately. You’re fighting algorithms, whether you want to blame them or not. You’re fighting people’s information overload because you’re not the only person sharing information. They’re getting this information from all directions. You are not the only person they’re looking at. So just because you post something one time and you think it’s amazing doesn’t mean the world has seen it or understands it. Stick with it. Give it time. 

Make sure if you do want to implement this new idea that it falls in line with your current strategy.  It needs to fall in line with your current offers. You need to make sure it’s not negating an offer that you have. For example, I’m going to go back to my ClickUp operations specialist client. She offers a complete done-for-you, all in one day, super customized comprehensive VIP day. That’s her high ticket item. Then the other day, she wanted to start creating this other done-for-you service that was going to be a lower ticket product and it was going to include all of these things. But the reality is… if she did that why would anybody have any need to purchase her higher ticket item.  You don’t want to just create something that’s going to negate your signature offer that you are already selling. 

Find someone who is not afraid to tell you NO. This is probably the best thing that you can do.  Find a mentor, a coach, a strategist, a biz bestie…find somebody that when you go to them about a new idea, they can look at you and tell you NO. 


Stay focused.

Implementing these things will certainly help to keep you focused.  When you do start to stay focused, you will start to see the results you are desiring. Stop letting your creative flow get in the way of your results.  Stay focused and watch the magic happen.


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