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If you’ve been in business for any time, you’re bound to have made a mistake or two that has cost your income in your business.  In this miniseries, I’m sharing the 8 Mistakes Costing You Income in Your Biz.  Each episode we will dive into one of these 8 mistakes.  Let’s explore mistake #1…


Just winging it…

If you have no plan for your growth and no clear destination of where you want your business to be, you might be just winging it. Picture it like this…you are in your driveway, you get in the car, and you just start driving. But where are you going? You’re just driving.  This is winging it. Now if you are in the car driving and you are going to a specific destination and have planned your route, you aren’t winging it. 

The same is true for your business.  Without having a clear destination, it is very difficult for you to actually take action steps that are not costing you money and that don’t require you to find yourself spinning in circles or going in the wrong direction. 

Every day you’re doing things in your business to keep you moving forward. But one day, you may be taking a left turn. The next day you may be taking a right turn. And ultimately, you may get to your destination, but you’re not getting there in the fastest and most efficient way possible. TIME IS MONEY.  So, by not having a clear destination or a clear plan, you really are losing money in your time spent alone. 


Are you paying for things you don’t need?

You could be actually paying for things that you don’t need right now. You could be implementing things that are not needed at this moment. You could be buying software or hiring help before you’re ready.  You might think that you need that help, but you really don’t.  This is another reason why you have to have a clear plan for your business. YOU CANNOT WING IT!


How do you correct this mistake?

You need to be very specific with your destination. So let’s go back to the analogy getting in your car and going to a destination. If you are going out for the day, and you know you have to stop at the grocery store, then run to the pharmacy, and then pick up your kid at soccer, you have a clear plan of where you need to be. 

You have to know where you want your business to go.  So pick a clear destination. Then determine what you need to do in the moment. What is your very first stop on your journey? Then back your way into that. It is really going to save you time. It’s going to save you money. You cannot conquer the world in one day. You can’t put a plan together for that. So, you need to break it down into smaller pieces. Then, put a plan in place to get you there. 

Once you get there, build on top of that. Figure out what your next destination is. This is going to save you time and frustration. It’s going to save you from spending on things you don’t need.


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