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Mistake #2 that is costing you income in your business is actually one that’s REALLY easy to do.  In fact, a lot of times we do it without even realizing it.  It can cost you opportunities that lead to income as well as the inability to grow your business to where you want it to be.  It’s probably my favorite one to talk about as well.  Let’s explore Mistake #2…


Staying in your comfort zone. 

There are literally a million reasons I could give you for why this is costing you income in your business. The most obvious one is that your comfort zone keeps you safe in a warm fuzzy bubble that you’re used to being in.  But here’s the thing…Next level business for you is outside of your comfort zone. You CANNOT grow your business to any substantial level by maintaining and staying in your comfort zone. 

We all have a tendency to do this. We love it in our comfort zone.  We get up every day and go through the motions.  It’s a really easy place to be. BUT…it is not going to grow your business to the level that you want it to. 


What are you truly trying to accomplish?

The number one thing you need to do when it comes to your comfort zone is truly reflect on what it is that you are trying to accomplish with your business. You have to be aware of that and admit to yourself whether or not you are truly staying in your comfort zone. 


It’s time for my fave- story time…

I have REALLY BIG goals for why I’m in business. I have next level goals of being able to retire my husband early and get our dream home on the water on the intercoastal down here in Florida. I want us to be able to spend the summers up north with our grandkids. But the reality is, I had to take a step back and think about if the activity I’m doing today is going to get me to those goals. 

When I took this step back to reflect on my bigger goals, it was clear that my comfort zone was keeping me at a level that was paying our bills and allowing us to have some freedoms like taking time off when I wanted to. But it was absolutely nowhere close to retiring my husband. It’s nowhere close to being able to put a down payment on our dream home. 


The easy way out.

You have to be mindfully aware of if your comfort zone is hindering your ability to grow your business.  Then you have to determine if you are okay with that.  If you feel comfortable and you hit a point where things are easy, you hit your goals, and you’re doing your thing and that makes you happy…then stay there.  

BUT…if you have visions of your next level, and you are not hitting it, you need to ask yourself, “Am I staying in my comfort zone and taking the easy way out?” The comfort zone is the easy way out. It’s okay if you want to take that, but I guarantee, most of you don’t. 


Does your comfort zone align with your big vision? 

Think about the story I shared with you a bit ago. I know that I have to constantly be pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My motto for 2021 is “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” That’s how important my goals are to me right now. I know that next level Michelle CANNOT get there by staying inside of her comfort zone. 


Find someone to push you out of your comfort zone.

If you’re taking action and you can’t get yourself out of your comfort zone, find somebody that can push you out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s a coach like me, a good friend, an accountability partner, or a mastermind group, you have to find somebody that can call you out on your BS. 

Find someone who will ask you if you are taking the easy way out or if you are going after those next level clients. Because they’re the one that’s going to push your business forward. Those next level clients are the ones that are going to expand and grow your business. 


How is your comfort zone costing you income?

Staying in your comfort zone keeps you from taking risks.   Not only is it costing you money by keeping you from growing.  It is also costing you new opportunities. Maybe stepping outside of your comfort zone means getting on to a networking event, making a connection call, or getting on a group chat. These activities could be really out of your comfort zone. So not getting out of your comfort zone, in this case,  is costing you opportunities that leads to income. 


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