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Mistake #4: Expecting Immediate Gratification

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Are you in business for the long haul?  Or is your need for immediate gratification making you give up too soon?  We live in a world of immediate gratification.  It is so easy to get caught up in that.  But if you’re doing this in your business, you’re costing yourself money.  Let’s explore mistake #4


Expecting immediate gratification…

There is so much fluffy marketing out there that really encourages this immediate success.  You’re told you can start a business with your cell phone or grow your side hustle to $10k in 10 days.   This really creates a sense of immediate gratification. 

That’s the world we live in right now with texting and information overload. We can get the answer to anything within minutes usually. But the reality is…instant gratification in your business, as far as long term success, does not happen. The reason this is costing you income in your business is because 90% of the time you’re just giving up too soon.

You could be on the brink of this amazing month, but you give up too soon. The second it doesn’t give you that immediate success, you give up on it. But in reality maybe two months from now, it was about to blow up.  But you don’t know, because you’ve already given up on it. 


Growing your business overnight just does not happen.

You have to be in it for the long haul. So when you’re giving up too soon, or you’re constantly trying something new, you’re starting over from the beginning every time.  It brings you back to step 1 when you could be on Step 5. This is costing you time, energy, resources, and INCOME.


Don’t play the comparison game.

A lot of times this need for immediate gratification comes from comparing yourself to others.  We live in the times of social media that plays as a highlight reel of people’s successes. We need to celebrate our successes. We share them because that’s what people resonate with. So people are sharing it all the time. 

But it can catch you up in this dangerous comparison game. But what you don’t realize is that you might be comparing yourself, who’s brand new in business…to me, who’s been in business for 4 years. No one really talks about how long it’s taken them to get to that high level of success.  


Success doesn’t happen overnight.

I think one of my very first business mentors said that it takes 3 to 5 years to see success. Those first couple years, if you’re not going into it with that expectation, you really are setting yourself up for disappointment and so much loss especially in income. You have to know that everything you’re doing is building momentum. Every time you get that momentum started, if you stop because you don’t get that immediate gratification that you’re expecting, you’re losing that momentum and costing yourself income.


What can you do to avoid the need of immediate gratification?

1- Celebrate every small win. There are small wins every day in your business that will satisfy your need for immediate gratification.  Find them and celebrate them.  Maybe it was a great connection call that could lead to something or you started drafting your new freebie.  These are wins. CELEBRATE THEM.

2- Share, share, share, and then share some more. Do not stop talking about your business. Give something 60 to 90 days before you quit. You cannot rely on something going out there one time and expecting it to take off. The reality is...the average visibility is like less than 20%.  So even if you have an average 20% open rate on an email, that means 80% of those people didn’t see what you just offered them. But maybe some of that 80% is sitting on social media, and that’s where they like to consume content. The more you talk about it and stay consistent with it before moving on, the more opportunity you have for those wins to give you that immediate gratification. 


What if you are expecting immediate gratification in your business?

Stop freaking expecting that you’re going to get immediate gratification out of everything you do. There are very few people that put something out there and it turns to gold within minutes. These million dollar earners get 1,000 people to sign up for their list because their reach is 100,000.  

You need to start realizing that these small wins are the immediate gratification you’re looking for. You are giving yourself too high of an expectation so you’re missing out on these small wins.  You’re missing out on the immediate gratification that you truly are getting in your business that you’re desiring. But you’re bypassing it because you’re expecting something even bigger. Bigger comes when you actually celebrate the little things because these small wins build on top of each other to create something BIGGER.


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