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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Build it and they will come.”  This may be true for a baseball field, but it’s NOT true for your business.  You cannot build something and expect people to find it or you.  You CANNOT build a product and expect people to just come looking for you.  The reality is…they don’t even know where to start looking.  This mentality is also one that will cost you income in your biz.   Let’s take a look at mistake #5…


Build it and they will come.

Newsflash…sorry about your luck! No, they won’t! You cannot stay behind the scenes in creation mode all the time expecting that people are going to find you. This isn’t a game of hide and seek.  

Think about when you were playing hide and seek as a kid.  There was a general vicinity of where you were actually seeking the person that was hiding. But if you are in the online space to run any local business, people don’t actively know what vicinity you’re “hiding” in. So you can’t just treat your business like this game of hide and seek with the expectation that people are going to seek you out if you continue to “build” things.  


You need to get visible.

Visibility is a huge mistake costing you income for the obvious reason that people can’t find you.  If people can’t get to know you, they won’t do business with you. Here’s the thing…you are your business. More than likely, you’re a one man show. You may have a few contractors helping you out. But the reality is…you are your business and you need to be the face of it.

We live in a world where we are constantly being shown different products or different people on social media, TV, radio, etc. But so many of us in the freelance entrepreneurial/ solopreneur world like our comfort zone.   We like to stay in creation mode because it’s safe.   Well if you never put what you create out there, or you put it out there in content only, the chances of people finding you are slim to none. 


People do business with people they relate to.

They relate to people that have similar personalities that they vibe with. If you’re not putting yourself out there, how are you attracting the right people? Your personality plays such a HUGE role in attracting the right people. And if you’re hiding it, then the right people can’t find you. 

Stop hiding behind your keyboard. This does not mean you need to show up on video. Don’t show up on video if that’s not what you want to do. You could take a couple pictures from your cell phone and put your face out on social media. You could jump on phone calls. You could put your voice out there and let people get to know you.   You can have a nice branded photoshoot done. That at least allows you to put your face out there and show people who you are. 


You cannot have this build it and they will come mentality.

It’s going to cost you income all day long. You may get people that are drawn to you if you have a phenomenal ads team and your business runs solely on advertisement.  Getting your product in front of people is not hiding.  That’s showing up. 

The biggest takeaway here is that creation mode is what is costing you income. You don’t need to create a million more products. You just need to put yourself out there and sell the product you have. You CANNOT continue to treat your business like a game of hide and seek, and expect that people are going to come find you.  They don’t even know where to start looking. So tell them where to find you. You have to show up!   Get yourself out there, be proud of it,  and shout it from the rooftops in whatever way is in alignment with you.


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