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Mistake #6 might have you thinking, “How can you ever have too many offers? The more offers you have,  the more things you can sell, and the more money you can make.”  While it might seem odd, having too many offers is counterintuitive to your income.  Let’s explore mistake #6…


Too many offers.

You truthfully don’t NEED a million offers.  Here’s why.  When you have too many offers, it can be super overwhelming not only to you and your team, but it’s also extremely overwhelming your audience.  Think about it like this… You are remodeling your house,  and you need to choose the flooring for your kitchen.  So you go to a store and there are literally samples everywhere.  So you walk around looking at all the choices and you just can’t choose because there’s just SO MANY.  It’s extremely overwhelming! 

Now think about it this way.  You are working with a contractor to remodel your kitchen.  This contractor comes in with 3-5 samples and asks you which one you like.  Most of the time you’re going to pick one. When you’re only looking at 3-5 samples, it’s far less overwhelming than a store full of samples. 

The same holds true in your business. It’s SO overwhelming to your audience when you have a million different offers.  It’s also confusing to your brand.  If you’re offering a million different things, your audience doesn’t know where to even start.  And the second people get confused or overwhelmed, they SHUT DOWN. They walk away and say they need some time to think about it.  About 90% of the time that they feel overwhelmed, it’s because you haven’t narrowed it down for them.  


It costs money to promote all these offers.

Another reason having too many offers is costing you income is every single one of those requires you to promote it, sell it, and to fill it.  Driving traffic to all these offers can get very costly. Running any kind of advertising to multiple offers is extremely expensive.  Which means it’s taking out of your profit. You only have so much time, energy and resources.  If you continue promoting, selling, and trying to fill a million offers, you’re going to end up overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out.


How do you avoid creating overwhelm for your audience and yourself?

Create an offer suite. This is a three tiered offer. Three is probably the amount of offers that you need if you’re going to talk about a regular service offering. Now, if you’re a product based, you might have a bunch of different options. But again, you don’t need to be everything to everybody. I look at it from a low, mid, and high ticket offer. It could look like a DIY offer (low), a group program (mid), and then a DONE FOR YOU service/product (high).  In this system, one usually leads to the next.  

This is why I say that a three tier offer is really very helpful to have because it gives you a very narrow focus where all three of them usually fall in line of teaching people the same thing. They’re all teaching and getting them a similar result, it’s just the execution style that’s different.  That meets everybody where they’re at.   

You should only be promoting one, maybe two, offers simultaneously. That way it’s very cohesive. Your audience knows exactly how they can work with you. They know exactly what you’re offering them. Then once you have these offers promoted regularly, you can sprinkle in those special offers like a challenge or mastermind. 


You can still create new offers.

I’m not saying that you should never create new offers and new packages. But when you do create something new, make sure it’s cohesive to what you already offer.  Then add in some of these special, one time deals. 

For example, in June, I’m going to be doing a mid tier group program because my 1:1 is  built. So it’s special. It’s not something I offer all the time. But I’m going to start offering it every couple months. So adding this new program into what I already offer, they all fit together.   

When you do this, it’s easier to sell them.  Your audience gets to know what your brand stands for. They know exactly who to send you. They know exactly how you can help.  This creates amazing brand authority . 

It also keeps you in your zone of genius.  Your zone of genius is where you make your most money.  If you have stayed in creation mode (AKA your comfort zone) and you have created a million offers, those offers are not going to make you money.  Your zone of genius makes you the most money.  So having those 3-4 offers that people can do business with you, that are in your zone of genius, is CRUCIAL.


You want to be able to attract the right people.

Your goal should be to attract people who say, “Yep, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Send me the contract on it.” You’re looking for that easy “yes” when you can tell people how you can work together. And if it’s not a good fit, so be it. If it is a great fit, let’s get moving forward. 

That’s how easy you want this process to be.   You will be much more confident selling your offers if you do not make things confusing. You do not NEED too many offers.  Too many offers creates overwhelm.  Overwhelm leads shutdown.  Shutdown will cost you income in your business.


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