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Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your business?  If you are, you probably think that it’s a good thing because everything in your business will be perfect before you launch it.  But the truth is…being a perfectionist or constantly staying in creation/market research mode leads to overthinking.  Overthinking leads to not taking action.  And not taking action is 100% costing you money in your biz.  Let’s explore mistake #7


Overthinking and Not Taking Action

Overthinking costs you money. So what do I mean by overthinking?  The first thing that comes to mind is feeling like your products are not quite ready to launch yet.  This might look like feeling like you need to add something or tweak something before it’s “good enough” to launch.  It could also look like waiting for the “exact right time” to launch.


Newsflash…those are all excuses!

They’re quite frankly you overthinking things.   You’re in your own head.  Nobody is actually telling you any of this information. I would be willing to bet nobody is coming to you and telling you that your product is not ready.  You’re creating this in your head. 


Why is this constant overthinking costing you money? 

1- You’re not taking action and putting it out there.  You’re not giving it to your audience. 

2-The longer you wait to launch means they’re going to buy it from somebody else! 

When people have a problem, they’re looking for a solution. If you’re not giving them your solution because you’re overthinking it. Guess what?  There’s somebody else out there in your market and in your industry, that isn’t overthinking their every waking moment .They’re putting it out there and taking massive action. And guess what? Your audience is buying from them, which is costing you money because you’re not putting yourself out there. 


How do you stop overthinking and start taking action?

Here’s the thing that you need to remember… Taking action can sometimes mean taking messy action.  So what if whatever it is you have created isn’t 100% complete or the most professional looking…especially if you are looking for feedback.  Put it out there to your audience and get that feedback, and then be okay with the fact that it can always change. 

Strive for done, not perfect! Your best feedback and all of those answers that you are truly seeking are going to come from taking action. Give your audience the solution, and let them come back to you. The answers that you’re looking for come from the action that you’re not taking. Overthinking is just going to lead to more questions. 


The other thing that you can do is sell at first. 

Don’t create it first.  You can have an outline in mind, but don’t actually create the product first.  I’m going to give you a perfect example.  I am launching that next level package.  It’s a mastermind that is designed to help you create that next level offer if you’ve outgrown your current offers. I don’t have it all figured out right now, but I’m selling it. I’m putting it out there. 

I have an outline. I have a format for how I’m going to teach it, but it’s not 100% done. It’s not perfect. It’s the first time I’ve ever launched this style program. So, of course, I’m going to be looking for feedback. And then I’m going to get those answers, and I can always change it. But you have to sell it first. You have to see if your audience even wants it. That will help you stop overthinking things because you will know that your audience wants this program.

If you put something out there, all you need is a graphic to start talking about it.  Your excitement is what sells it.  Then, you’re going to take action.  Next, you’re going to get feedback. Then you can take action based on that feedback and make changes. 


Overthinking is what’s costing you money.

Stop allowing this overthinking to prevent you from selling and sharing. You need to get used to taking messy action, and get used to the fact that it’s done. Know it’s not perfect, and that it can always be improved upon.  Every time you improve it, then maybe you can raise the price.   That’s how you continue to know exactly what your audience wants from you. Ask them, sell it, and then get the feedback.

The reality is…your right fit clients have a problem, and they need a solution. They are not going to wait for you to decide that you’re done overthinking this to get the answer to their solution.  They are going to actively seek it out.  So they’re going to buy it from you or they’re going to buy it from somebody else. 

When we want something, we buy it. We’re going to buy it from the person that has it ready for us. So stop overthinking things and put it out there even if it’s not perfect.  TAKE MESSY ACTION!


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