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Who Is Your Ideal Client?

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I know that we all want to work with our ideal client. But how do you determine what characteristics your ideal client has? You’re going to want to take notes through this one to really start honing in on that dreamy, ideal, amazing client so that you can start attracting more of them.  It’s time for us to do a quick little exercise together.  Grab your pen and paper, friends!  Let’s figure out who your ideal client is.


Niching down

A lot of people in the coaching industry talk about niching down. This could be where you work specifically with an industry or certain demographics. But I’m talking about finding those ideal clients inside of that niche. For example, you could say I like to work with moms between the age of 30 and 55 who have children that are middle school aged. These women are in the health and wellness industry. That’s a very specific niche.

But here’s the thing…every mom between the age of 30 and 50 with kids that is in the health and wellness industry is not a dream client for you. Read that one more time. Dream clients are the ones that get the best results.  They are the ones that show up with questions. They basically become biz besties or at least your good friend that you can relate to on so many levels. 


Here’s what I want you to do. 

I want you to think about your favorite client that you’ve had so far. I’m talking about the client that you just cannot wait to get on the phone with. You cannot wait to work with. You love chatting with them. This is the client I want you to think about because you want to attract more of those people. One of the ways that you can attract more of those people is to identify what it is that you loved about them.  What is it that made them your favorite client? I’ll walk you through my process. I probably have two favorite clients right now. 


So what makes them my favorite clients? 

1- They ask for help and are open for feedback. To me, that is the most important thing. They are not too proud to ask for help.  They ask a question, and they’re not always just looking for the “yes” answer. You first have to ask for help to receive it.  But you also have to be willing to HEAR what the person is telling you as well.

2- They take action. They don’t come with excuses every week to their calls. They typically take action within a day or so. This means I’ve got something to review that they’ve taken action on. 

3- They have to be self motivated. This means that yes, they ask for help, but they’re not looking for somebody to hold their hand the entire way. They have such a passion for their success that they just need that little bit of help to get them going in the right direction and then they’re running with it. 

These are three things that are important to me.  I would really encourage you to come up with five. So now when you’re talking about attracting dream clients, you can start using that in your language. 


Personalities definitely play a role.

We all know that personalities play a huge role in this. You can dive as deep as they’re introverted versus extroverts. I tend to attract extroverts. But the reality is…a lot of my clients identify as an introvert. It’s odd because we have great conversations. But some of that is because I am so extroverted. 

You can really look into other things like Myers Briggs, Enneagram types, or Gallup strengths. You can use all of those things. Then, once you have identified the things you desire in those ideal clients, you use it in your language when you’re talking about the people that you work with. 

So when you create a product or a service, for example, you can say that it is for moms that are action driven. They want to create and have more time with their family.  They want to give back and want to support their family. They show up. They’re ready to take action. They don’t need hand holding.

Now when somebody is reading that and they are your dream client…they’re thinking that it is totally them.  They can identify with that so much deeper. That’s where you attract ideal, dream clients.


Make your list.

So now get your pen and paper out, think about that favorite client that you’ve had, write down the traits, qualities, and personality type that made them so dreamy to work with.  For my Grey’s Anatomy fans…create your own McDreamy. You can even share your list with me on Instagram if you’d like.  Tell me who your ideal, dream client is after you do this exercise. 


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