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Do you find yourself constantly tuning into podcasts, clubhouse, books, webinars, master classes, etc?  If so, you may be keeping yourself stuck in a constant state of learning. And while you think continually learning is good for your business…sometimes it can actually be the opposite. 


Busy…not productive 

Being in a constant state of learning means you might be keeping yourself busy, but not actually productive. There are people everywhere sharing their knowledge and expertise, and it can be really inspiring. I get it.  It makes you feel like you’re growing your biz because you’re learning. 

We feel like we’ve got to keep staying ahead of the game. And that is very true. It’s inspiring. It’s empowering. It makes you a better service provider, especially if you’re staying ahead of the game for your clients. You’re always learning from somebody who’s been there, done that. But here’s why I say it’s keeping you busy and not productive. Around 70% of the time, you don’t do anything with it. 

What are you doing with all of this knowledge that you’re learning? Are you actually implementing it? Are you taking any kind of action with what you’re learning?  Or are you just in this constant state of information gathering/information overload?  This is how being in a constant state of learning can actually be counter-intuitive to growing your biz.


Not all the pieces will fit

It can be extremely overwhelming when you are learning different things from different people.  It can actually cost you money, time, and resources in your business. Think about this as if your business is a puzzle that you are trying to put together.

When you are learning bits and pieces from so many different people, it’s as if you poured the pieces of five different puzzles all together and tried to make one puzzle. You can’t do that!!! You would never be able to put the pieces together.  So when you’re trying to implement these little pieces from each person, it’s essentially like pulling one piece from each puzzle box and trying to put it together.  They just won’t fit together.


What should you do if you find yourself in a constant state of learning? 

1- Pick a couple people to follow that you want to learn more from and stick with it.  I want you to always remember the analogy of the puzzles.  Are you pulling pieces from multiple puzzles trying to create one masterpiece?  If you are, you have to know that it will never work, or it’s gonna take you a really long time! 

2- Make sure you’re taking action on what you’re learning.  I will never tell you not to continue learning, but make sure you’re taking action. Make sure that you’re committing to what you’re going to do with all this knowledge that you’re taking in. Don’t let it take up the time of income producing activities.  Make sure you’re actually participating in those money making activities to implement the knowledge that you’re learning. 


The real truth…

Being in a constant state of learning keeps you stuck. If you aren’t going to commit to implementing whatever it is you are learning, then don’t sign up for it.  If you are not ready to commit to taking action and implementing what you’re learning, then all you’re doing is keeping yourself busy.  You’re making yourself feel like you’re growing your business, but taking action is what grows your business.   Taking action, whether it’s messy or scary, is what’s going to give you data to tell you what you might need to learn a little bit more about.   


Don’t keep yourself stuck.

Don’t keep yourself in that constant state of learning. Take action and commit to the things that you sign up for.  And for the love of God stop downloading these freebies that you plan to do nothing with. I’ve been there, done that. Save yourself the time and save the person who created it time and space for those that do want to be there that do want to learn and do want to take action.  Bottom line…stop keeping yourself stuck and start taking action!


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