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When it comes to doing business in the online space, your positioning matters just as much, if not more, than what you are actually selling.  My question to you is this...are you actually positioning yourself in the market the way you think you are? Furthermore, is the way you are positioning yourself in the market in alignment with the packages you offer?  Whether you realize it or not, these things matter! 


It’s story time…

I was speaking with somebody who is a copywriter. She does a lot of really high end content writing that is SEO driven from a copy standpoint. BUT…when you get on her website, that’s not the impression you get. When she’s talking to her market, she’s speaking about very generalized copywriting like landing pages, sales pages, blog content, and social content.  So her positioning is not really speaking to the client that she’s trying to attract.  

The client that she’s trying to attract is one that really wants to get found on Google.  This is not important to everybody. Some people really want to build their business on social media. Some people really want to build it through speaking.  Not every client that needs a copywriter is going to want that person that can really write SEO driven content.  But she’s not speaking to that.  A lot of times we change our packages and pricing  to really speak to that next level, but we tend to still speak to the current audience we have.


Here’s another example…

I was speaking with a prospect and his pricing is fairly high, but not for what he was offering.  What he was offering and what he was charging for it were completely out of alignment.  This is another issue with positioning.  Sometimes when you offer so much value at a lower price, people don’t really value the position you’re putting yourself in the market. 

The point is…his price point would speak to somebody who was earning well over six figures because of the level of outsourcing and the cost of the investment to work with him.  But he is speaking to solopreneurs, new business owners, etc. Most of the time, 90% of new business owners aren’t going to have that amount of revenue to outsource and invest in him based on his pricing. 


Your packages and positioning need to be aligned.

When your packages speak to one audience, but what you’re saying speaks to a completely different audience, that’s going to make it hard to make a sale.  You have to get those two in alignment if you want both of them to sell and attract the right fit people.   The last thing you want to do is get online, start attracting people, and have all these discovery calls just for people to tell you that it’s out of their budget. 

The reason that happens is because you don’t have yourself positioned in the market to speak to the right people. You have to make sure that if you’re going to change your packages to bring yourself up to that next level, then you’ve have to make sure you actually bring your messaging up in your position.   Misalignment between these two things leads to burn out and imposter syndrome.


How should you evaluate if your positioning matches your packages?

I would really encourage you to look at  your business and ask yourself these questions.

These questions help you to really develop your avatar and pinpoint where they are in their business so that you know the level of investment they may be able to make and then start speaking to that.  You can really start to curate your content to make sure that you are 100% in alignment with both your position in the market with the packages that you have. 


If you’re feeling like your sales are falling flat…

You need to really take a look at how you’re positioning yourself in your market. Go back through your posts. Are you speaking to the client that truly needs that offer? I would be willing to bet that you’re not. 

If you need help determining if your positioning matches what you are offering, send me an email or shoot me a DM.   We can take a look at it together and figure out where the disconnect is.  Bottom line… if your positioning doesn’t match your packages, you’re not going to be successful in selling your product or service.


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