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The fortune is in the follow up. You’ve heard this saying a million times, and yet we all still hate it!   We hate following up with people.  This is the biggest reason you’re leaving money on the table! But did you know that EVERYTHING is in the follow up?  Let’s talk about how your follow up, or lack thereof, is keeping you from leveling up in your business.


Continuing the Conversation

I want you to think of following up as continuing the conversation.  Think of it like this…you started the conversation because somebody came to you and asked you to get on a call or you had a conversation in the DMS or in your email. Now, the conversation ends and that’s it.  

However, your follow up is you continuing the conversation.  You don’t have to follow up in this horrendously spammy way.   During your call or in your text, they talked to you about something that was happening in their business.  There probably was some general personal thing that happened that you had in this conversation, too. So when you follow up, continue that conversation. For example:

“Hey Michelle! I know the last time we talked, you were getting ready to launch your podcast. Just checking in to see how it was going.  I wanted to follow up with you and see if I could be of any help to you.” 

I do this type of follow up all the time.  When people are looking for a new business coach they talk to several different people.   Most of the time, they’re not ready to make a decision yet. So it’s nothing for me to follow up and say, “Hey Kim! It’s Michelle. I know the last time we talked, you were trying to figure out what you wanted to do with your business.  I was wondering if you found a coach. Are you still looking?”  What’s the worst that could happen? They’re going to say no. 


Here’s the thing you need to remember with follow up. 

“No” is an answer. It may not be the answer that you love to get, but it’s still an answer. It’s better than the unknown. If you don’t follow up, and they don’t tell you “no”, or you don’t get an answer and they just ghost you, you tend to wonder what the heck happened. But maybe because you didn’t follow up, they ended up making a decision to go with somebody else. You don’t know because you didn’t follow up. If you don’t follow up you’re simply making assumptions and not actually knowing what this person decided to do.


Sometimes people just aren’t ready to make a decision. 

Continuing the conversation allows you to build a relationship with this person. You’re building that trust factor. Think about the last time somebody was texting you. You were probably having a great conversation, and then all of a sudden…they go radio silent. It leaves you wondering about so many things.  

Well, if you’re not following up, you’re doing the exact same thing.  If somebody asks you to get back with them in a couple weeks and you don’t follow up, you’ve literally just ghosted them. A lot of times we just assume the person that is making the decision is the one ghosting, but that’s not really the case.  We have this incredible fear of follow up.  Stop with your bullshit and get over it! 


Stop with this fear of follow up!

There’s about three outcomes that can happen.  

1- They’re going to say, “Yay! I’m so happy you reached out to me. I’ve been thinking about you, and I’m ready to move forward!” 

2- They’re going to “ghost you”. So you decide how many times they are not going to answer before you start following up, maybe two or three. People are busy.  Don’t just assume because people don’t answer you the first time that they’re just not interested. It could just be that their life is upside down right now, or they’re just freaking busy.

3- They can say, “I hired somebody else.”  You now have an answer. You take them off your list, move on, and find the people that are the right fit for you. You find the ones that are ready to work with you.

You cannot grow your business by making assumptions. You cannot just assume people are going to know how to reach back out to you. How many times have you deleted an email and you can’t remember how to contact somebody? It happens! Life is busy. 


Take a good hard look at yourself. 

How many times have you interviewed a service provider or someone you are looking to hire and you don’t give that person an answer? But yet you get annoyed when people do it to you. Well, the same holds true and we’re all guilty of this. I’ve been guilty of it. Now I try really hard to follow up and let people KNOW what I have decided to do.  Stop being afraid of the follow up on that side of it. If you’ve made another decision and you didn’t hire somebody, just let them know because they’re on the other end of it wondering the same damn thing you are. 


Conquer your fear of follow up.

Start with this fear of follow up, and get good at it. I had a physical therapist that used to always say, “Stop sucking and try harder.”  It sounds horrible, but it’s true. Stop sucking at following up. Try harder, get over your fear of it, and start following up with people. Stop leaving money on the table over your fear of follow up. This is growth. This is the next level if you are looking to grow your business. If you have a call with a dream client that you really want to work with, then follow up with them. Let them know how much you want to work with them and how excited you are! It’s not desperation! 

It’s really not hard.  You are over complicating this follow up. Stop overthinking it and just continue the conversation. Think about it as if this person is a friend you haven’t talked to in 6 months.  Open up your phone and shoot a quick text off. It’s literally that simple.


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