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I’m going to share with you a few unpopular opinions in the online space.  First, your financial information is nobody’s business. Yep I said it.  And second, your financial information also doesn’t define success. Now that I have ruffled your feathers a little bit, let’s talk about why I feel this way. 


Nobody’s business…

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I sat down and had lunch with somebody who I view as one of the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. One of his biggest pieces of advice to me was that your financial information is yours and yours alone. Your business finances are not to be shared with anybody, except your significant other.  That’s the only person that really needs to know your financial information unless you are doing something with a bank or something like that.

I’ve always taken that to heart, and I’ve always believed that way. But then you move into the online space and everything becomes about money.  People are sharing about $10k months, hitting a six figure launch, how they went from 5 figures to 6 figures, and all these big numbers.  It can really start to make you feel bad if you’re not hitting those amounts. The reality is those numbers DO NOT define your success. 

If making $10k a month is important to you and you are doing that, you should feel good about that internally. You can share that with the people that mean the most to you. But there’s other people who are thrilled to make just enough money to give back.


A Tale of Two Clients

I have two clients on opposite ends of the spectrum. I have one client who came to me and really wanted to get to this 6 figure mark. It was a goal that she wanted to hit. We talked about it, and we’re working towards that. She is well on her way to achieving her goal.

I have another client who has a passion and a heart to serve halfway houses.  She came to me and said, “You know what…I understand that the halfway houses can’t afford what I can do. So what I want to do is I want to make enough money to support the fact that I want to share and be able to go into these halfway houses for free. But I also understand that I need to support my family.” She had a completely different level of what she would deem successful, financially. So we’re working differently for her. 


Here’s the thing…

Money means something different to everybody. Value means something different to everybody. Success means something different to everybody. So are you going to honestly look at someone like my client who wants to serve women who have been battered and abused for free in a halfway house any differently as a level of success because perhaps her business is only maybe making $3,000 right now? Does it deem someone less successful because it took them 2 years to hit that 6 figure mark? Absolutely not. But yet, everything we do in the online space comes back to how much money you are going to charge. Charge your worth! Raise your pricing! Hit these $10k months. 


Money does not equal success.

Money gives you the availability and the ability to do a lot of amazing things. It gives you the ability to give back and enjoy certain materialistic things if that’s what you want. It gives you the ability to have financial stability for your family. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be reaching for massive financial success. 

Stop letting money deem you successful or not!  Everybody’s individual reason for being in business or having a side hustle is different. One person’s definition of success is making 6 figures. Another person’s definition of success is  wanting to make enough money to be able to go in and offer their services for free to a halfway house. 


We need to stop the shaming that happens in the online space. 

We need to stop asking people for their financial information! How much money someone made this month is none of your business. Think about it like this- if you went into a standard brick and mortar business that you absolutely love, do you walk into that business and ask them how much money they made this month? NO!!!! 

You build relationships based on whether or not they provide a service that you need. You do business with people if you feel as though they can offer you what you want and get you results. You do business with people if they have proven results from referrals and clients.  That’s what deems them successful! 


Let’s agree on this…

Let’s keep our financial information to ourselves! If you want to shout it out because you’re proud of yourself, that’s one thing. But don’t do it in a way that shames other people. Remember…that’s what’s important to you. That’s your definition, not theirs. 

A lot of times, sharing your financial information backfires. You might think it’s inspiring. Some people find it inspiring, some people find it absolutely debilitating because they look at themselves and they don’t measure up.  This is where imposter syndrome sets in. 

We’re creating that culture in the online space, and we don’t mean to. So let’s just keep our financial information to ourselves. You can share it with your private inner circle and with people most important to you. But if you need to share it publicly, do it in a way that is authentic and done out of integrity. Know that it doesn’t necessarily define your success.


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