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Simplify is my 2021 Word of the Year.  So I have to ask…what is your easiest point of entry? What is the easiest way for someone to do business with you? When you get on the phone with a prospective client, do you unknowingly overwhelm them with everything they “need”If so, you may be costing yourself business.  Let’s discuss the need to simplify and identify your easiest point of entry.


Getting past the gatekeeper.

Think about it in this way…when you work in an office, there’s like a gatekeeper.  Sales people always have to make it past the gatekeeper.  For the record, I was an incredible gatekeeper at my corporate job. Nobody made it through to the owner’s office without getting through me first. There’s a reason for that.  

If every single person made it through to him, he would never have gotten anything done.  It would have been a bunch of things he probably never needed to deal with.   Remember everything falls back to time, energy, and resources. 

Inside your business, your customers essentially are gatekeepers too. So I want you to think about it from the perspective of the customer.  What is your easiest point of entry to get through the gatekeeper?


It’s story time- a personal one this time!

When I was in the corporate world, we did a lot of shipping, both international and local.  We were forever getting hit up by different companies trying to get us to switch to them for shipping. But here’s the thing…the one that we ended up doing business with was because they came in and gave us the best deal, the best options, and the best results. 

For our local domestic shipping, they could get us a truck late, and they always had tracking numbers. They were easy to deal with because we dealt with one person. We weren’t dealing with an entire team of people. They came to us looking to get that one piece of business knowing that we did International shipping as well. 


I want you to think about that in your business.  

You, as an expert and service provider, likely have more than one service that you can provide. But I want you to think about it and simplify. When you’re talking to people, think about this from the gatekeeper perspective. 

Think about what the easiest point of entry is.  What is it that your ideal client needs the most? How can you give them an immediate quick win to solve their immediate problem, knowing that there’s room for more? 


There’s room for growth. 

There’s room for you to do other things with them, but You don’t need to throw all of it at them at one time. Say somebody is saying to you that they are looking for somebody to help with email marketing. You get on the phone with them and overwhelm them with all the things you offer that they “need”. The next person just agrees to the email marketing and gives them an idea of how much and what results to expect.  

There’s a time and a place for other offers, but 90% of the time, all it does is confuse people.  There’s a good chance that the person that’s going to get past the gatekeeper is the one that’s offering them exactly what they’re asking for, and nothing more right now. 


This is an area to simplify. 

You do not have to be everything for everybody at the first initial contact. This is not to say there’s not room for advancement and room for growth with this person.  You can be of huge value to them.  

I want you to look at your services and your offers.  I want you to identify what your ideal client your target market is asking for. I want you to focus on selling, promoting, and sharing one thing! Whatever that one thing is, that’s going to be that easiest point of entry for them. 


I had a client who is a ClickUp master.

The things that she can do inside of ClickUp are insane. But for some people, if they’ve never used a project management tool, seeing all of the different ways that she can do that is extremely overwhelming and confusing.  

But she also has very foundational level build outs for content management or email newsletter management that are simple.  They’re easy to use and easy to read, especially for somebody who’s never used a project management tool before. For her, that’s the easiest point of entry. 

Easiest point of entry doesn’t mean that she can’t do client onboarding and team management, standard operating procedures, and create client dashboards and workflows. But what she’s doing is giving them a solution to their immediate problem, showing them how they can use it, and then adding on to it once they get comfortable with it. 

She’s building her know, like, and trust factor. She’s building her authority and expertise.  Then they’re going to come back and ask for more 95% of the time.  


So think about what your easiest point of entry to get past the gatekeeper is. 

What is going to give that person a solution to something they’re struggling with without throwing them every single option under the sun? Simplify! Get known for one thing, and then expand from there. That is the key to growth.


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