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It’s truth bomb time, kids.  Ready? You need to own and stand in the CEO role of your business.  Just because a client or a prospect is asking you for something, does NOT mean you have to provide it. I know that we have all been trained that the client is always right and to give them what they’re asking for. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to.  It is on YOU as the CEO, as the expert in your business, to know whether or not this particular client is a good fit and if it aligns with your current strategy for growth. Let’s chat about owning your role as CEO.


You know I have to include a few examples…

I had one client who was revamping her packages, and she had a previous client who was NOT on these packages.  My client was ready to scale her business so she created new packages that fit that new business model.  The past client didn’t like her new packages, and to this day keeps asking for a custom package to meet the needs of what she wants. 

But the reality is…what the client is asking for is not in alignment with the plan for growth and how my client wants to grow her business. It has her doing tasks that she no longer wants to provide and services that she’s no longer offering. 

She doesn’t have to say ”yes”, just because she’s a past client. It’s okay to outgrow people.  Not to mention that the client doesn’t always know what’s going to get them the best results. They think they know, but it’s on you to say, “I’m sorry. No, I can’t provide that, because that’s not what’s going to get you the best results.” 


Another example… 

I have an eight week program. I had somebody ask me if they could just participate weeks 1-4. They think they don’t mean weeks 4-8, but I know as an expert, based on my experience and what I’ve seen, the eight week program is set up and designed that way on purpose. 


You don’t always have to say yes to people. 

I had another client who had an opportunity for collaboration with another coach. She offers project management setup.   This coach was asking my client to create an exclusive build for her clients that she could include in her package.   But it didn’t make sense for my client to do that because it completely discredited her expertise in a lot of ways. It wasn’t what she was looking to do in her business. The way the coach wanted it to be presented and how she wanted it to be given to her clients just was not a good fit.   


Owning your expertise.

It is in situations like these where you have to own your expertise.  You have to own that CEO role. You are the expert. You are the business owner. You are the one looking to get fully booked.  In order to do that, you need to make sure that you are booking yourself with the right clients and in a way that aligns with your strategy for growth. 

If you put a strategy in play, and you’re constantly pushing things in or changing it up, your strategy is now getting so convoluted that you could potentially be spinning yourself in circles. You have to own your role as CEO and say NO! 

It’s like going to a gym, hiring a personal trainer, and expecting them to do all the work and then you get the results. That would never happen! A personal trainer is never going to do that! It’s not going to work. You wouldn’t expect a personal trainer to say yes to that, but you do it in your business all the time. So stop with that just because a customer’s asking you for something does not mean you have to say yes! 


Trust your gut.

You have to understand where your expertise lies, own that expertise, and stand in integrity with it.  Own the CEO role of your business. You’re no longer just a service provider trying to build a business. You’re in the next stage of your business! You’re a CEO!  It’s time to treat your business like a business, and not a hobby.  You get the final say! So make sure that when you have that final say, you’re making a decision that is in the best interest of both you, your client, and your growth. You don’t always have to give a client what they want. If something doesn’t feel right…it’s okay to say no. 


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