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Stop Spreading Yourself So Thin on Social Media

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Consider this your permission to stop spreading yourself so thin…especially on social media. You don’t need to be everywhere all the time. There’s only so much of you to go around. Let’s discuss spreading yourself too thin on social media.


You don’t have to be on every social platform.

You don’t need to be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Clubhouse, and all of the other platforms out there. You don’t have to be in every single place. I know Facebook has well over 2.1 billion people on it. But the reality is…you’re not looking to do business with 2.1 billion people. So even if LinkedIn has less users, you can still find clients on that platform.


There are clients on every single platform.

You need to pick one or two that you want to show up on and get known as the expert in your industry.  Get known as the go to person, and connect with your audience. Be authentic! Be in front of them all the time.  It’s about consistency. 

So if you’re spreading yourself too thin, you might be jeopardizing the consistency you need. You might be showing up on Instagram consistently for a week. Then the next thing you know, you end up on Facebook and you’re spending all your time there.  Before you know it,  you go down this rabbit hole on TikTok.  


The reality is…it’s all about consistency.

Clients are everywhere. The way clients are going to find you is when you show up consistently and make it easy for them to find you. If you’re bouncing from one platform to the next, they can’t find you.  


Don’t make it so complicated.

Pick one or two platforms where your ideal client hangs out.  You can repurpose your content.  For example, obviously I have this podcast. This podcast then turns into content that I post on other platforms. I spend the most time on LinkedIn and Facebook. Those are the two places that I want to be.

Once you have picked those one or two platforms, focus your energy there.  But until you have the capacity to take on somebody that can help you be in all the places, stop trying to be in all the places.  It’s not physically possible to do. 


You have to like being on that platform.

If you don’t enjoy Instagram, you don’t need to be there. I don’t care that all the gurus are telling you that’s where everybody’s hanging out.  There’s clients on LinkedIn, too. The LinkedIn gurus are going to tell you that’s where high end paying clients are. Maybe so, but guess what? There are successful entrepreneurs who have built their business on literally every platform.


People will find you where you are at..

One again, you don’t need to be all over the place.  Each one of these social platforms relies on you to be social.  You cannot physically engage and be social on all of the platforms at the same time. 

So, pick one or two that you want to spend your time on and get really super strategic about it! Show up, engage, get social, and connect with your audience. Figure out how you like to best show up! If you love to create graphics and love to be on reels and stories, then do that.  Get really good at it and build your audience.  Become the expert on Instagram for your respective industry.  


Stop putting this pressure on yourself to be everywhere. 

Stop putting this pressure on yourself to turn one piece of content into 65 pieces. You can do that, but it also takes time, energy, and resources.  Be consistent, get known as the expert, and engage. Stop spreading yourself so thin.  Stop trying to be all over the place. You don’t need to do that . It’s actually hurting your business.  

Then when you have the time, the energy, and the resources to expand…you can do that. That is how you get known and established as an expert. That is how you get fully booked. Because people can find you easily. It’s that simple. Take the pressure off yourself, and stop spreading yourself too thin.


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