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Do you have a person in your life that always “knows a guy” when you need something done? When it comes to business, there are definite advantages to being the person who “knows a guy”.   This is what I refer to as being a connector.   When you are a connector it builds trust and so much more in your business.Let’s learn more why you should and how you can become a connector.


So, of course, there’s a little story… 

We have a really great friend that we refer to as “I know a guy”. Recently, I was having a conversation with my husband about how I wish we knew somebody that did a certain task I wanted done.  His response was, “Well call I know a guy.”   We always refer to him as that, because he always knows somebody that can help you. No matter what your issue is, no matter what problem you have, no matter what you need…you can call Chris at any minute and he’s always got somebody that he can connect you with. 

As an entrepreneur, it is so valuable to be that person that can say, “I know someone that can help you.”  Think about it…you probably know somebody that is a power connector. And no matter what, they’re the first person you think of when you’re looking for a referral or an introduction to somebody. 


Why is this so important in your business?

It creates top of mind awareness!!! There’s two sides to this.  You obviously want to be that person that the “I know a guy” person is referring to other people. I want to be top of mind for our friend Chris if somebody comes to him needing to grow their business or get unstuck. I want him to immediately think of me! So you want to create that top of mind awareness, both with somebody so that they think of you, but then also you want to be known for being an incredible connector of people.


How do you become a connector? 

1) Have conversations. The power of human connection in conversations is so lost these days.  So have conversations.  Learn about other people! Learn about their business, about who they serve, and what they love to do. The more you can learn about them, the more you can get to know them. 

2) Keep their contact info handy. The last thing you want to do is have a conversation with somebody and then can’t remember the name of who can help them.  If you’re going to do this, you need to find a way to keep their contact info handy and organized so that you can quickly and immediately make that introduction to somebody. 

3) Be a mindful and intentional listener. Sometimes people are just having a conversation with you and they’re not necessarily saying they are struggling with something and need help. But in conversation, you become very aware that they are having a problem or they’re doing something that is taking them longer than it needs to. By being a mindful and intentional listener during these conversations, you could possibly make an introduction for them that makes life easier.  Think about how powerful that is. You immediately build trust with that person because you’re offering them something of value.  


Keep this in mind when you are doing connection calls.

This is incredibly powerful in your business.  You need to be thinking about this when you’re having connection calls or conversations even online. Make it a point to keep their contact info.  Understand who it is and what they do, how they help, and who their ideal client is. Be that connector.  

W\hen you can connect people to other people, that helps you become top of mind with them.  They’re much more likely to remember you vs. somebody else who does the same thing as you.  They’re going to refer you back.  It comes back what you put out, you get back. So the more you give, the more you receive. 

So when you’re having these conversations, I want you to really think about my friend Chris. I want you to think about if you know a guy that you can introduce this person to that would be an incredible connection for them. You want to be that person!  It builds trust. It builds credibility. It builds authority within your business. And it also will be returned to you. I promise you that.

I call it boots on the ground marketing.  The more people you talk to, the more people that know about you, the more people that know your name and are referring other people to you, the more business coming in to you. That’s how you grow your business from an organic standpoint.


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