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It’s story time- you know I love a good story. 

This topic came up recently on a call with a prospect. She told me how she had taken a bunch of courses and followed certain coaches and that they always talk about high ticket offers.   They said that it’s better to focus on high ticket offers versus low ticket offers.  I was suggesting a slightly lower ticket offer. 


Here’s my view on the topic…

This is 100% dependent on a few things. You have to know your market.  You have to know where the need is in the industry and what the wants are in your industry. Just because somebody needs something doesn’t necessarily mean they want it. They pay for what they want most of the time, not for what they need. 


So you need to think about it from that perspective. 

Does your market need a group style membership that might be a slightly lower ticket offer?  Or are they looking for 1:1 type support which is a slightly higher ticket offer?  Your signature offer can be low ticket or high ticket.  It’s just really dependent on how you want to grow your business. 

If you are thinking about doing both, and you offer 1:1 services or done for you style services, then I would typically say lead with a higher ticket offer.  You still have to promote and sell this offer.  So to hit your income goals, you need far less people.   You can sell one high ticket offer vs. 10 low ticket offers. 


But again, that is all 100% dependent on how you want to grow your business.  

Low ticket offers in the membership space, especially in the health and wellness industry, are  probably more popular because people like to pay for a membership.  They like to be held accountable. Unless you’re doing it 1:1 and completely customized, you can serve one to many, and you can scale that very quickly.  


It can be a game of numbers.

Obviously with a low ticket offer, you need to sell more of them to hit a certain revenue goal. With a high ticket offer,  you’ll need to sell less. But…what are you trying to do?  Do you want to work 1:1 with people?  Do you want to sell a course where people can DIY it?  


One is not better than the other.

It is 100% dependent on you, your business, your idea for growth, what you want out of your business, and how you like to serve your clients. If you love to serve your clients in a membership style format that is slightly lower ticket, that’s fine. If you prefer to have a higher ticket offer, that’s fine, too.


What is your preferred style? 

You can sell and scale either. This is why I say that every single business strategy is different for everybody. There is no one size fits all strategy for every single person.  It looks different for everybody. It looks different based on your goals, your audience and what they’re needing, and how you best serve your clients. These are the things that are most important. 

Whatever package you create, it’s about positioning yourself as the expert and selling it with confidence regardless of what the number that’s behind it. If you position it correctly, and you present it as the expert, you can sell it and scale it.  It’s really dependent on what you feel most confident in doing.  One type of offer is not better than the other. They both can be scaled in totally different ways.

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