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When it comes to putting your pricing on your website, which side of the coin do you fall on?  Are you all for putting your pricing out there for people to see? Or are you against it? Today’s topic is often a topic of conversation inside of Facebook groups, LinkedIn, etc. And to be honest, it can be a fairly controversial topic. As always, these are my thoughts and opinions, but I always try to give you both perspectives. Let’s dig into whether or not you should put your pricing on your website.


There’s two perspectives to this.

The perspective of absolutely not, don’t put your pricing on your website because you don’t want people to make a decision about working with you based on price alone. Which is fair.  It is believed that they then don’t value you, they’re looking at it from a price only perspective, and that you want them to actually get on a call with you so that you can really explain the value of what you’re offering. The purpose of getting them on the call is to really present it as an investment vs. just allowing them to make a decision on price alone. 

Then there’s the train of thought, which I tend to follow, that everybody has a budget. I really truly do not feel as though it’s on me to make that decision for somebody else. So personally I believe you should absolutely put your pricing on your website. 


Here’s always my thoughts on it… 

We all know we have a budget. We are adults. We make financial decisions for ourselves in our business, and we know if somebody is serious about solving a problem that they have a budget in mind. They also know where they are willing to stretch that budget. And they also know what is extremely out of their budget. Because of this, I’m always of the mindset of just letting people know what it looks like to work with you


I’ve been on the other side of this scenario as the customer. 

I’ve been on calls with somebody, only to find out that their packages are so far beyond what I’m willing to invest, value or not. Even if they are the best person on the planet to work with, I know in my heart what I’m willing to invest and what I’m not. I know where I’m willing to make that commitment to my family financially, and I don’t like feeling awkward. I don’t like feeling pressured, or like I have to explain myself. My financial information is mine. It’s not up to me to have to explain to you my financial situation, as to whether or not I feel as though it’s a good investment. 


This happened to me personally. 

I commented on something that was posted by another coach. I knew she was way out of my budget because she is open with her pricing. I just commented on one of her posts, and she started DMing me. Then she was telling me to take out a loan or ask my family to help me pay for her services.  She made it seem like it was more important than going into debt. It’s horrible to feel pressured or guilted into something.


Just let people know what it looks like to work with you. 

If they’re serious about solving their problem, and they know what it costs to work with you, then that decision is on them. The decision to solve your problem is not my decision. And it’s not up to me to convince you, either. It is up to me to share with you what the investment looks like and how it can help you. But it is not on me to make that decision as to whether or not you can afford it or whether or not you’re willing to invest in it. 

The other side to this is you don’t want to get on a bunch of calls with people that can’t afford your services. I had a client who did like 20+ connection calls in one month. But the conversion rate was poor.  It had tanked down to like less than 10%. This was because she had raised her price, and her pricing just was out of the budget for the people she was getting on calls with.

It didn’t mean what she did was of less value. It didn’t mean that she priced herself out of the market. It meant that she was working with a different clientele now. So we put the pricing right on her discovery call intake form. We arranged the options available with a price range.  As a result, she did far less discovery calls in the next month, but her conversion rate went up to almost 80%. Because now the people she was getting on the phone with knew what they were getting into price wise.  


When you share your pricing, you’re changing the conversation.

You’re simply just sharing about what you do. You’re sharing about the problems you can help them solve, and how you would approach their issue. This is how you can truly change the conversation to be 100% about how you can help them. It’s really no longer about what it costs, or what the investment is. Just simply go ahead and share what your pricing looks like.


Some action items for you… 

1) Take a look and see if you have been getting on a lot of calls with people who are under your budget or are telling you that they can’t afford you now. If people are telling you that they can’t afford you, there’s always the possibility that it could just mean that you’re not presenting yourself correctly. But it also could mean that you have a positioning issue where you’re attracting clients that can’t afford you. You can help that by putting your pricing out there and being a little bit more upfront about it. Because if they can’t afford it, they might not schedule a call with you. 

2) If you don’t want to put exact pricing, you can always put a starting range. So if you have a formal coaching package, you can say it starts at a certain price, or the investment range is from one amount to another amount.  This way at least they know that this is the minimum that this investment is going to cost them.


I know personally if there’s no pricing on a website, I won’t even schedule a call with somebody.

I do not enjoy that awkward feeling that happens when I can’t afford to work with someone. I know what my budget is, and I know what I’m willing to spend. It’s not up to me to explain that to anybody else. That’s my decision…my personal finances. I don’t have to explain it to anybody else. 

Think about your own spending habits, and how you make your own decisions. If there’s no pricing on a website from somebody that you want to work with, do you schedule a call? Are you totally open to that? If you are, then your clients will be, too. But again, if you’re not, what makes you think your clients are? There are two sides to every scenario.  In this case, I’m all for putting your pricing on your website and letting people know up front what it costs to work with you.


I’d like to know your thoughts.

Are you for putting your pricing on your website?  Are you against it?  Share your reasons why with me in my Facebook Group.

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