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Do you actually own your confidence in your business? This topic is so near and dear to my heart.  When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you have to own your confidence.  You have own your expertise, and really show up.  What does owning your confidence mean? It means being really freaking confident in what you do.


As you know, there’s always a story…

I recently joined an online networking group, and it’s been amazing. I have been doing a ton of coffee chats, and getting to know people. One question that always gets asked is, “What do you do?” So I’ve gotten really good at sharing and explaining what I do.

I was having the most amazing conversation with this woman, and at some point she shared how much knowledge and expertise she felt I had and how thankful she was that I shared my insight with her.  I didn’t even realize it at the time, but after I hung up the call, I realized that technically I’m only a year ahead of this woman.  But she felt like I was years ahead of her. The reason she thought that was because of the level of confidence that I brought to the table.


You have to find where you feel the most confident in your business.

Your confidence is what’s going to sell. Your confidence in your offers, how you serve, and the packages that you have is what’s going to sell. You can have the best package on the market and the best service in the world, but if you are not confident when you’re selling it, it doesn’t matter. So find that confidence!


Let’s do a little experiment.

1- On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on your confidence, your expertise, and what you bring to the table.

2- On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your confidence in your services and in your packages.   

3- On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on your pricing. 


Put yourself in check with how confident you show up on discovery calls. 

The coffee chat from my story earlier is a perfect example. A year ago, I would not have shown up like that.  Sometimes confidence takes time. The more you do things, the more you talk about yourself and your offers, the easier it gets.  

If you are rating yourself somewhere below an 8 on any of those three questions that I just asked you, then I want you to start scheduling some coffee chats, not sales calls. Literally sit and talk with someone like you were at Starbucks. 

You can go into your favorite Facebook group or go through your email list, and schedule simple coffee chats. The more you can do this, the more comfortable you’re going to be owning your confidence. This is why I can speak about what makes me different.  Get used to talking about yourself and what you do.


One last action item…

Regardless of your competence level, even if you’re rating yourself at a 10, I want you to schedule 3 coffee chats.  Do this unless you are fully booked, and you have no room for networking.  

Full disclosure…you should always make room for networking. Because in order to stay booked out, you need to constantly be meeting new people. But I want you to schedule 3 coffee chats, and then I want you to go into my Facebook group and tell me when those coffee chats are booked. 

I want you to tell me if you’re comfortable rating your confidence level. I want to talk about it.  How can we help you go from maybe a 5 to a 10? If you are rating yourself anything less than a 10, let me help you.  Join my Facebook group and schedule 3 coffee chats from there. 


Let’s get you to a confidence level 10…

That is what is going to sell your packages with ease. That is what is going to keep you fully booked. And that is what is going to make you a referral machine where people are constantly keeping you top of mind. It all comes down to you.  And it starts with you owning your confidence and owning your expertise. 

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