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Do you know the number one topic that comes up during all of my coaching calls?  Leads! Of course, it’s a hot topic because it’s something you have to be successful at if you want your business to succeed. But how can you do that? Let’s talk about how you can generate leads for your business! 


1- Have a lead magnet to generate leads.

Your lead magnet can be a variety of different things. It can be a PDF, checklist, a mini course, your email newsletter, or even a mini training.  Your lead magnet needs to be aligned with you and how you best serve your clients. It is designed to help your audience solve a problem that they’re having. One specific type of lead magnet is not better than the other.  What matters is that it’s aligned to you and how you present them. 


2- Get offline.

Stop hiding behind your keyboard! Go do some networking. If you can get to an in-person networking event, that’s great!  If that’s not possible, try to find online networking events. There’s a lot of great online networking events. One of the newest ones is speed networking where you just get to talk to a bunch of people and you share your information. 

You can also just do coffee chats. If you’re in my Facebook group, you know I talk a lot about the power of coffee chats. Simply get on the phone and just have a chat as if you were at Starbucks. Coffee chats are actual face to face conversation, whether it’s through zoom or in person.   


3- Facebook groups.

I did an episode on this.  Is it worth it for you to have a Facebook group?  There’s a lot that goes into it. If you’re wondering about that go back to that episode.  But Facebook groups can be a great lead generator because you can ask questions when people join your group. You can give them exclusive content inside of your Facebook group.  And you can really get to know people inside a Facebook group. 

Facebook groups can be a great way to generate leads, because it’s a closed circle of people who want to be there.  So, the more information and value you can put into these people, the better. It’s also a great and easy intro to having coffee chats with all the members. 


4- Masterclasses.

Masterclasses allow you to teach on specific topics.  I did a masterclass on how to use masterclass for lead generation.  You can do a masterclass on anything.  I had a client that did a masterclass on why you need a website versus just social and ways to drive traffic to your website. You get to choose what your masterclass is based on the problem your audience needs to solve.


But…there has to be a next step.

All of the lead magnets in the world aren’t going to do you any good if there’s no next step.  So what is the next step for these people once you get them in? 

For most of you, this is where you can get it wrong.  You don’t have a strategy behind the lead magnet. Sure…it’s great you’re building this audience. But, now what? So before you just start promoting a new lead magnet or creating some kind of lead magnet, you have to think about what is the strategy beyond that.

Do you want to send out an email newsletter? Or do you want to connect with them through coffee chats? Are you going to engage on their content? Do you have a follow up system in place like a CRM where you can track them? 

Having a bunch of leads that you don’t have anything to do with after the fact isn’t doing you any good. You need to have a strategy in place that takes people from lead to client. 


You have to promote your lead magnets more often. 

Most of the time I see somebody puts something out there maybe once a month, but it’s not often. You have to let people know that you have this lead magnet regularly. It’s all about consistency. Show up and share it consistently.  

At minimum, you should be talking about your lead magnet once a week. And don’t tell me that’s too much.  Your audience is constantly changing. The algorithm is constantly changing. What people are seeing when they’re online is constantly changing. So, you need to be doing it more often. 


Action items to help you generate leads.

1- Pick one or two styles of lead magnet that you want to use and stay consistent with for the next couple of months. Remember…lead magnets can be trial and error. You might put something out there and see how your audience responds. When you have one that they are responding to, stick with it. Don’t change it. Then share it at least once a week.

2- Create a habits checklist.  On that weekly list you need to include sharing your lead magnet. Check that box every single week. Get out there and start sharing your lead magnet more often.

3- Get out there and network. Put your face in front of people. Get your name in front of the people you want seeing your name and your face. The more they see your name in your face, the more they’re going to remember you. The more they remember you, the more they can refer you to others.  You might think it’s annoying, but it’s not. People need to see you show up consistently with the same message. 


Bottom line…

Whatever lead magnet you choose, stick with it. Be consistent with it and promote it more.  If you do that, I guarantee you’re going to start seeing more leads coming your way.


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