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Why Getting My Jeep Meant So Much to Me

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If you’ve been following me on Facebook or LinkedIn, then you know that I finally got my 4-door Jeep Wrangler. You may be wondering why it’s such a big deal to me.  Well, this vehicle has been on my vision board for a really long time. I remember asking my mom to take me to the Jeep dealership when I was 15 to see how much they cost so I could start saving for when I got my license. It’s been on my vision board and my goal list for that long.  Let’s talk about the lessons I have learned from finally getting my Jeep. 


It’s not JUST a Jeep.

This Jeep means so much to me because it’s more than just a Jeep. There’s always a lesson to be learned. This may not necessarily be a business lesson, but it’s a personal lesson. So sit back, relax, and allow me to share what I learned through this process with you.


Lesson 1…

Never lose sight of your goals. Like I said, it’s been a goal of mine for a really long time. It’s something that has been on my vision board for so long, and I finally was able to make it happen. This is about persistence. It’s about never giving up, and always having sight of what is important to you and what you’re working towards. 

There were so many times that people questioned why I would want a Jeep.  They would say that they are uncomfortable and expensive.  But here’s the thing… I didn’t care. I still wanted one, and I would say to them that one day I would get my Jeep. 

Maybe for you it’s a trip, or something else.  Whatever it is, this lesson in persistence is about  working towards something that you have wanted for so long.  And when you can continue to work towards that goal, eventually it will come to fruition.   


Lesson 2…

You have to be open to new opportunities. I don’t know whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction or manifestation.  It’s up to you whether or not you want to take this approach. But the reality is…anytime you talk to anybody in that field, it’s about detaching from the how.  It’s about saying that you’re going to make this happen, that it’s going to happen, and then detaching from how it happens.

In my case, I had it in my mind that the how was always when my business hit a certain level. I thought I would be able to do this when I was bringing in a certain amount of revenue or when our debt margin was at a certain point. I had all these things in my mind that I thought had to happen in order for me to achieve this goal and get my Jeep. 

The reality is…none of those things happened, and I got my Jeep. The economy happened, COVID happened, and the shortage of chips for new vehicles happened. My husband went in for an oil change, and just started talking with a sales guy who had also recently bought a Jeep.   We had a Jeep, but it wasn’t my jeep. It was my husband’s Jeep Gladiator for work.  

The sales guy told him that the used car market is hot right now, and they’re actually paying more than what people owe on them. He told my husband that they could probably do that for him.  My husband asked if they could do the same thing for me if I traded my car in. So my husband called me, and it happened!

But the reality is…our payment didn’t increase. Nothing increased and everything worked out exactly as it should even though my revenue wasn’t where I thought it needed to be. I still got my Jeep even though my lease was not up.  So be open and detached from the how. You can have a plan in place, but be open when a new opportunity arises.


Lesson 3…

Share your goals and dreams with other people. Again, we get so attached to our own thoughts of how it has to happen, but sometimes when you share it with other people, they have a completely different perspective. 

So often we keep our dreams, goals and aspirations to ourselves out of fear of judgment or fear of failure.  But the reality is… you need to put it out there and tell people about it. You never know when somebody is going to offer a different perspective on how you could achieve your goal.


A symbol of empowerment…

The sales guy actually told my husband he thought that women loved these Jeeps because it made them feel younger.  Disclaimer: My husband is 22 years older than me.  I don’t need to feel younger.  This Jeep is a symbol of empowerment for me.  

I am willing to bet that there is something on your dream board that is a symbol of empowerment for you.  There is something that empowers you to feel like your best self and empowers you to feel that inner badass inside of you.  I didn’t care what my husband or that sales guy thought.  I knew what it meant to me, and that is what matters. 


So find that thing that has that amount of meaning to you and go after it! 

Yes, it’s a jeep. It’s a material thing. Will it be my forever car? Absolutely not. But at this moment, it is exactly what I needed. It is making me feel so proud of myself for never giving up, for working towards my goal for me, for seeing it through, and just making it happen. 

This is my vulnerable side. I don’t often share very personal things with my audience. But there’s so much more to growing a business than the strategy. There’s always a new strategy and a new implementation. But it’s those inner workings and inner feelings that are going to keep you going through the bad days. These types of things are what’s going to keep you going and make you feel so empowered behind your business. 


So my question to you is this…

What’s on your goal list? I want you to share with me what that one thing is on your goal list that would make you feel so empowered if you achieved it.  Send me a DM on IG, or connect with me in my Facebook Group.  SHARE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS WITH ME!


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