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Do you know the difference between doing money make activities to produce income vs just being busy? Many of you like to be in creation mode, and there’s a time and a place for creation mode. But you still have to sell what you are creating. Money making activities are CRUCIAL to the success of your business. So here are 5 money making activities that you SHOULD be doing business.


#1 Run a limited time promotion on an old product.

If you’ve been in business for a while, I guarantee there is something in your arsenal of products that you created that you can run a limited time promotion on. This might include a worksheet, a DIY course, a masterclass, or a workshop. Maybe you had a program that you used to sell all the time, but you haven’t really run a promotion on it in a long time. Run a limited time promo on an old product for the next five days. Even if you sold the crap out of it a while back, you have new people in your audience that never even knew you did this. Go back through your archives and sell something you’ve already done. 


#2 Reach out to past clients and ask them for testimonials, and then share them. 

This IS a money making activity because social proof goes a long way. People want to read those testimonials, and they want to see that other people are sharing their experience with working with you. Most of the time we really suck at asking for testimonials because it just seems awkward. 

But think about it like this…when you buy something on Amazon, you probably almost always look at the reviews. A testimonial is the same thing. It can be a written testimonial, an audio testimonial, or even a video testimonial. Just FYI, video testimonials are so powerful. But simply just reach out to somebody and ask for a testimonial.

Now, there are some legalities about sharing the testimonials, you can check out She has a blog about this. But legalities aside, ask for a testimonial. You can even use screenshots to share wins your clients share with you. So go back through your messages and start taking screenshots of a few things and share it! 


#3 Host a live class. 

You can either do this LIVE on any social media platform, or you can schedule the live and let people know you’re going to do it. But go through your clients and see if there is a conversation you’re having continuously with your clients. Turn it into a live class! It’s no different than this podcast. Abount 90% of the topics that I come up with, for this podcast, are from conversations I’ve had with clients. So go back through your conversations and think about what the question is that you answer all the time. 

If you don’t want to do it live, then record it and share it.  You can put it up on YouTube and share it that way. It doesn’t have to be live if going live freaks you out. If a live class or being on video doesn’t work, then like write a really long blog post, or create a worksheet.  Just do something that proves you are an expert at what you do based on a frequently asked question. 


#4 Send a DM to your new connections. 

Get to know them. Schedule coffee chats. I will NEVER stop talking about this. This is my number one money making activity that every single person should be doing every single day. Read that again! If you don’t know what to say, I have a DM masterclass with scripts that tell you exactly what to say and how to say it. I actually gave these to a couple of my mastermind members, and they said they were so overwhelmed with the response because it worked. 

Get to know your connections. Let them know you exist. You are different from every other person in your niche. But the only way for you to let people know that you’re different is to get on the phone with them and tell them. It’s really hard to portray sometimes through a post. So get in the DMS and have real conversations. If you’re not sure how to do it, go grab my masterclass with the scripts. Don’t stress about it and overthink it. I’ve done all the work for you. I promise you…it works.


#5 Reach out to your past clients and offer them a new service. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked with them, and you are doing your due diligence to stay in touch with them, reaching out to them and offering a new service can be so valuable.  Maybe you have a new product or offer since you last worked with them. Reach out to them and just ask if there is any way you can continue to support them. 

I’ve done this a couple times. You might be surprised to learn they have been thinking about you. The worst they’re going to say is that things are great and they don’t need any support. That’s not a defeat. But the best thing that’s going to happen is they’re going to tell you that they’ve been thinking about you. 

The reality is…business has seasons of growth. And every level of growth usually requires a new level of hiring. So no matter what service you provide, there’s a possibility that they may need your support. So reach out to these clients! Their business is growing. Your business is growing. Things change. Let them know you still exist!


These are money making activities you can do every single week. 

Aside from hosting a live class or running a limited time promo, these money making activities can be done weekly!  You don’t want to be that person that’s constantly promoting something. But you could run a promo or do a live class once a month. You can make it a point to reach out and send some DMs every day. And I highly suggest that! Bottom line…it’s about ACTUALLY DOING money making activities. Stop creating and start selling.


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