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When it comes to being an entrepreneur, your business model matters.  Over time, your business model will probably evolve and grow with you.  But at this moment in time, do you have a business model that you can sustain for a long time? Are you going to be able to sustain what you are doing for the next 1-2 years? Let’s talk about having a sustainable business model.


Here’s an example of a non-sustainable business model.

For some people, doing massive launches over and over again might work. But for others, it can be so exhausting, and it doesn’t align with the way they best serve. It’s not what they most enjoy doing. So the ability to sustain that for the long term is pretty slim because you’re going to burn out. 

Do you only have 1:1 clients? Are you so busy with done for you type services that you’re at capacity, and you’re ending up working more hours than you planned on working? If you’re doing more than you ever would have done, and you have no free time, that’s NOT a sustainable business model. There’s no way you can sustain giving up all your nights and weekends.  It’s just not going to happen. The reality is you cannot sustain this for the long haul. 


Growth happens.

As your business grows, your business model can change. There are certain things that can and will change because it’s just natural evolution and growth. It’s going to change as your business grows. But what you have to do is make sure that what you have in place right now can evolve and grow as your business grows. 

If you are at 100% capacity, working every minute of every day, and you don’t have any further time, how can you change that?  What does that look like? It’s about finding a business model that you will enjoy. Your business model should make you feel so freaking excited about doing your work every single day. 


I thrive in 1:1 work.

I personally love 1:1 work, and I can sustain that because I can thrive in that position. And as much as some people say it’s not a scalable business model, it’s about sustainability. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will always thrive in the 1:1 space, and I will always be able to sustain what it looks like. 

Sure there are a couple different factors to consider like: 

These are the things that change as you grow and evolve, but the business model is still the same. 


Something to think about.

So I want you to think about whether or not your business model is something you feel like you can still see yourself doing a year or two from now. Figure out what that model looks like that you can still see yourself doing in 2 years. 

If you find yourself doing what you need to at the moment, that’s okay too.  But you have to know in the back of your mind, you have to be working towards that next step because you will burn out. You will hit your max where there’s no further opportunity for anything. You have to determine if your business model is sustainable for the long haul. If the answer is no, what do you need to do to make it a yes? That’s your action step.


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