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Have you ever found yourself stuck in creation mode? Like you just create more and more things without even selling them? Today’s message is short and simpleSTOP creating and START selling. 


Human beings like to create new things.

It’s fun! We always have new ideas, and love to be in this creation mode. But the reality is that you still have to sell everything you create. Yes…creating is wonderful, but you still have to sell it. 

So, if you’re having trouble with sales, there’s probably a good chance that the reason you’re not selling something, or maybe your sales are not going as planned, is not because the product is not good. It’s probably because you haven’t sold it or even talked about it enough.  


Maybe you created this new product, launched it,  and that’s it. 

When’s the last time you talked about it and shared it? How many things do you have that you’ve created that you haven’t even talked about?  You can tell me about it once during the launch. That’s great. You’ve done it!  But then sell it again. Keep talking about it.

You don’t need to create new stuff. Especially if what you have is really good.  You can always sell what you already have again and again! 


Having more is not always the answer.

Because more keeps you in this state of having too many options. Then people shut down immediately because it creates confusion making them feel overwhelmed. You DON’T need more. You need to sell what you already have. 

This is why I always try to encourage everybody to have like 3 core offers. It’s easy. There’s always an a-la-carte type option, an upsell, and a random one off offer. But have your 3 core offers and sell them. You don’t need anything more. 


Creation mode keeps you safe and in your comfort zone. 

We like to be in creation mode because it’s easy.  It’s what we know and love, and where we’re happy. But what makes you not happy is when you create something, you put all this time and effort into it, and then it doesn’t sell. 

It’s not selling because you’re not sharing it!  So START selling and STOP creating. I guarantee you have all the products in the world. You don’t need anything else unless you’re a product based business that thrives on that. But most of you are not. Ultimately we’re freelancers. 


You don’t need a new DIY program, PDF, or a new lead magnet.

What you need to do is to share what you already have. Get out of creation mode and start selling. Post that reminder wherever you need to see it as a constant reminder.  And I know you need the reminder…because I’ve been there. So I’m here to give it to you…STOP CREATING AND START SELLING! 


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