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When it comes to strategy, there are 3 words that I hear constantly as a business coach.  Those 3 words are “in my head”. I constantly hear people talk about what their strategy looks like in their head.  The problem with this is “in my head” is NOT an executable strategy.  It’s not a clear strategy.  And it’s not a strategy that you can scale.  Let’s talk about why you need to get your strategy out of your head and on paper.


Get it out of your mind and on paper.

The only way that you can implement a strategy that’s in your mind is to get it out of your mind. You need to get it on paper because the reality is the thoughts in your mind get jumbled. Do you realize how much our minds are truly processing at any given time?

You’re processing a lot of information all the time.  So you cannot process and put a strategy in place, and implement it, based on it being in your mind. Take it out of your mind and lay it out on paper. Sometimes when you see what’s in your mind on paper, it doesn’t make sense.


Time for story- my fave.

I went through this exercise with a client recently. In her mind, she was just going to move the customer from her workshop into her group program. The problem was her masterclass is in August, and the group program doesn’t start until October.  And her group program didn’t cover what the masterclass covered. 

So when she put it on paper, she could see that they didn’t line up. They didn’t serve her clients in the best way. This is why you really need to have it on paper. It allows you to see if the strategy you have in your head actually makes sense. 


I did a free training on this.

It’s in the media section in my Facebook group. This training was on how to plan out your promotional calendar.  It’s a very visual look with a calendar, laying it all out, and allows you to see any gaps in your plan. You can see the dates, and you can put things in. 

I went through it, step by step, for my own business. It shows you exactly how you need to move things around. I had laid out a generalized plan of what it looked like from now until the end of the year. But then when I started putting it on paper, it didn’t make sense.  So I worked through it and moved things around so that it was an actual executable strategy for my own business.

You cannot possibly remember everything that you have going on. It’s just not realistic to remember everything on every date at every time. So you really do need to put it on a calendar. That’s where you’re visually going to be able to see if it makes sense, and if it’s a strategy that you can implement. 


Get this “in my mind” type of strategy out of your head and take action.

If you’re trying to take action on something that’s still in your mind, you’re going to end up taking messy action. Ultimately, it’s probably just going to leave you spinning in circles. You’re going to forget things, and end up scrambling on certain things. It’s not worth it. So get it out of your head. 

You truly need to get all those thoughts out of your head. I don’t care if you do it digitally, or if you do it pen and paper. I don’t care how you get it out of your head, but “in my head” is not an executable strategy. So if you’re struggling, and your strategy is only in your head, start there. That’s step one. Get that strategy out of your head. Then, step two, take action. 


Stop relying on what’s unreliable.

Bottom line…stop relying on your mind to put a strategy in play. Put all the pieces together on paper. You can’t put them together in your head. It just doesn’t work. There’s always going to be a missing piece. That missing piece could be the difference between something going really successfully, and not doing well at all. So don’t put yourself in that position! It’s just not worth it.


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