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It’s simple- just pick one thing.

At the time of this episode, we are going into the 4th quarter. So I want you to think about this from a quarterly perspective. If you find yourself in a state of overwhelm and feel stuck, here’s what I want you to do. 

I want you to really focus on one thing ONE THING and one thing only for the remainder of the quarter. You probably have multiple things that you could talk about, multiple offers that you can promote, and multiple passions inside of your business. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what direction to take, I want you to pick one thing and focus on it. 


It’s my favorite time…story time.

Recently, I was talking with an accountant who was feeling overwhelmed because she could talk about so many different things.  She felt like her messaging wasn’t being heard. Here’s a fact… we’re all in information overload. I think some of this overwhelm is coming from the fact that we feel like we’re putting ourselves out there, and it’s not getting anywhere. 

So I told her to focus on one thing. For her, it was talking about taxes. Everybody is starting to get into this tax season frame of mind.  There are lots of questions out there surrounding taxes that she could answer for business owners. 


I told her to pick one offer. 

She decided on a tax audit to offer to entrepreneurs.  She could frame it as let’s look at the books and make sure that you’re set up properly for the end of the year going into tax season where you’re not going to owe the IRS all this money.  I just wanted her to promote that one service for the next four months. 

The reality is…this one service is not the end of line with working with her. The goal is that one service then may lead to either a tax client or may lead to a retainer bookkeeping type accounting client. It most definitely can lead to something else. 


Stop trying to do everything, and just focus on ONE thing.

Because we are in information overload, by just repeating the same thing over and over, it allows your audience to see it. They might not see it the first time you talked about it, but they might see it in a month or so. It might not necessarily be relevant for them, or the right timing at the moment. But maybe if in the next month you’re still talking about it, then the timing could be perfect. 


You can get very specific with your messaging.

Since you’ve been promoting this one thing for a while, now you’ve got testimonials and new social proof. They build momentum on top of each other. People are seeing you talk about the same thing, AND you have social proof that you are amazing at it. 

I have another client who has a 10 day challenge. Instead of making a new challenge, working on a new lead magnet, or creating a new masterclass, she launched her 10 day challenge again. Just because she launched it in August doesn’t mean there’s not people in September that might sign up for it. 


Your audience is forever changing so you don’t have to create new things. 

You’re constantly getting a new audience. If you’re doing your job to increase your visibility every day, you’re constantly gaining a new audience. So it doesn’t matter that you’re promoting the same thing. What if somebody was on vacation during your 10 day challenge in August? It doesn’t mean they’re not interested! It means it wasn’t the right time. So promote again in September, in October, and in November. 


Because you’re only focusing on one thing, you don’t need to create new tech. 

You don’t need to create new social posts, or a new landing page. It’s all already done. So it takes the overwhelm away and allows you to capitalize on something you’ve already done.

You can do this in a variety of different ways. Go back through your offers and look at a program you launched 6 months ago. If it was successful 6 months ago, do it again! Focus on one thing! Solve one problem! Reduce the overwhelm for yourself. Your audience doesn’t need something new every time. 


Think about your own buying habits. 

Most of the time, you do not buy the first time you see something. But when somebody launches it again, it might peak your interest a little more because you see the testimonials and you want similar results. You have an audience of people that are watching you that are not quick action takers. They need to see you doing something over and over. It builds credibility within themselves or somehow it makes it more legit for them. 

It’s not for you to understand the psychology of people or to analyze people and decision making. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure that out. Your job is to show up confidently and make sure that you’re offering something that people need. If you’ve done it once and people bought it, then you have a validated offer. So keep doing it. Don’t try to create something new! Focus on one thing and stick with it through the end of the year. 


The goal can always be that there’s a next step for the client. 

My client that’s launching this 10 Day Challenge, the goal is to get them into an 8 week program. But she’s not promoting the 8 week program. She’s promoting the 10 Day Challenge, and then from the 10 day challenge, she promotes the 8 week program internally. Both of these things are already done. She can just continue to promote them. It makes it simple so she doesn’t have to feel overwhelmed.

They don’t require new tech, which reduces overwhelm. It allows your audience to see that you are continuing to stick with one thing. This is how you get known as the expert in that. It builds your credibility. 


Take that feeling of being overwhelmed away from yourself.

If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, pick one thing and focus on it. I want to know what it is that you can focus on from now until the end of the year! What is it that you can talk about that will totally reduce the stress and overwhelm in your? That’s the goal. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Just pick one thing, and that’s it. Join my Facebook Group and let me know what that one thing is.


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