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Different Kinds of One to Many Offers

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A lot of us love to work 1:1 with clients. We thrive on it. But as with anything, there’s only so much 1:1 you can do.  How can you continue to grow your business if you cannot take on anymore 1:1 clients?  The answer is…one to many offers.  These types of offers can be done in many ways.  One to many is the “beyond” in Fully Booked and Beyond. So how can you serve multiple people at the same time while still maintaining and staying in alignment with yourself? Let’s discuss the different kinds of one to many offers.



Memberships are a recurring monthly subscription style offer. There’s a lot of different ways that you can run a membership. But the idea behind it is that they’re paying you monthly to receive certain deliverables. That might be certain content or training, or templates to help them DIY their business. I was in a membership that was one training per week. 

You can cap the amount of members you have or make it open ended. It all depends on what your deliverable is and how well you can execute that to whatever number that is in your membership. Remember, there’s a lot of admin that goes into membership. If people stop paying or cancel their membership, you have to get them out of the membership and remove access.


Group Coaching/Programs

Group programs are very popular because they reduce cost for a lot of people. It allows you to serve multiple people at one time. This can be in a variety of ways. It doesn’t have to be a DIY offer. 

There are group programs out there that you buy and go through the material. The content is arranged in modules, and all of the information is all in there in a DIY style where you go through it on your own. I am in a program like this. However, there is a component of the group, which is in a Facebook group, where you can ask the course creator questions. She also does some coaching inside of there in addition to the DIY model. 

There’s also group programs out there that are done with you. This is the style that I prefer. I have a group program. Sometimes it’s capped, and sometimes it’s not. All of these things depend on your teaching style. It’s completely up to you! But a group program can be a “done with you” style of program. So you’re showing up once a week and instead of working 1:1 with 20 different people. 

Masterminds can be this way. I facilitate masterminds, and my masterminds are peer to peer masterminds. A lot of consultants put together a mastermind that is definitely centered around their expertise or their topic. There may be some teaching, and then everybody else gets to ask questions and give their opinion. This is another great option for a one to many offer.


Paid Masterclasses

These used to be called webinars.  Now they are called a number of things like masterclasses or challenges.  They can be live, or they can be an evergreen format. I did a masterclass on  using DMs without being spammy. That is now a standalone offer. But it was a masterclass that I taught live. I’ve taught multiple masterclasses live. 

I just attended one on a specific strategy where there were over 100 of us. But it didn’t matter because she was teaching one thing, and all of us were watching at the same time. We could even ask questions. If you like to teach, especially on one thing, a masterclass is a really effective way to do it.  

It could even be a 5 day challenge. That’s a very effective one to many offer because you’re teaching one thing to multiple people at the same time. This is probably my favorite one to many offer. But, as you know, I firmly believe that every single one of these works in their own way. 


2:1 Coaching 

This is technically a one to many offer. One to many doesn’t mean it has to be hundreds or thousands of people. It just means more than one. So, maybe you have two people that are in a very similar place in their business, and you could work through something together. They might be biz besties. 


How do you best show up?

When you think about all of the different options, know that they all work.  I have proof of this. But what you have to really think about is your teaching style. How do you best show up? Do you like the 6-8 week time commitment, or do you like that ongoing membership? Do you like the idea of having a certain time commitment and then bringing new people in? 

I have a group program that is a 6 week program. Once you go through the framework, and you’ve learned it, that’s all you need. So then the next round is new people. It all depends on how you best serve, and what is going to get your client the best result. So what is the best format to get your client to the promised results you put on your sales page?  That’s what you have to think about. So when you are thinking about the “beyond” part of fully booked and beyond, what is going to get you there?



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