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Using Movement to Maximize Your Day with Tiffaney Florentine

Using Movement to Maximize Your Day

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Do you struggle with being present and in the moment? I sat down with Tiffaney Florentine of Mindset to Movement and discussed how we are mostly living our lives with a disconnect between our minds and our bodies.  Tiffaney is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs connect their mind and body by using intentional movement to help you maximize your day.  


All About Tiffaney.

Tiffaney is a proud veteran, recovered management consultant, American Gladiators Finalist, and health and wellness entrepreneur focused on helping badass women entrepreneurs strengthen their minds and bodies in 20-minutes per day. She’s all about integrating fitness in a more meaningful way with mindfulness, truly redefining fitness, and then demystifying mindfulness and making it simple. 

All of the hats that she’s worn that have brought her to where she is today, being a finalist on American Gladiators definitely made her realize people were looking to her for advice. That’s when she started to become enamored with the idea of how movement can shift your mental and emotional centers.  

When she got to Gallup Consulting, she was obsessed with this idea of quantifying love for products or services. So she actually went out, and she did that in the fitness space. She’s helped thousands of people and is now specializing in helping female entrepreneurs.  She’s also been really fortunate to have a brick and mortar facility outside Chicago that’s running itself.


Tiffany’s number one tip for entrepreneurs for personal or professional growth…movement.

Tiffaney believes to unlock the next success, impact, and fulfillment, you need to literally build in just a few minutes of movement in a deliberate way, every single day. You need to step away from the idea of “working out” because it’s a loaded concept. She believes in mindful and deliberate movement where you are immersed with the intention of connecting the mind and body. Another way to say that is intentionally getting out of your head and into the moment by moving in a really intense/deliberate/dancing your edge kind of way.


What does Tiffaney mean by stepping away from the idea of “working out” and using movement in an intentional way?

When people refer to “working out”, they think of burning calories, or dropping pounds. There’s this negative connotation of using working out to fix how you messed up with your nutrition. It’s this thing you turn to when you’re feeling bad about yourself or uncomfortable in your skin. You think you NEED to workout.  

Most of the time people think working out must be 45, 60, or sometimes 90 minutes to be able to check the box of accomplishment, emotionally.   This is not the case. We have to get rid of the phrase “working out”. It just doesn’t work. Working out is not what is ultimately going to get you the body of your dreams…changing your nutrition is. Movement empowers you to tune in to what you’re doing with nutrition.  Movement is specifically what you should use to get in the mental and emotional state that you desire. 


Tiffaney’s methodology is using full body movement. 

She believes in doing full body movements, such as squats and presses, that are also functional movements.  These are movements you do in everyday life. So full body functional movement, done in a way to dance to your edge. It just has to be 5-15 minutes per day. 

We’re humans. We all have noise in our head. We wake up, and before our feet on the ground, we’re worried about getting everything done on our to-do lists.  Then we have all the other noise and “squirrel thoughts” zipping around creating resistance. So we need to move our bodies. It’s the most powerful way to get rid of all those swirling thoughts sitting around. 

You can do this type of movement in different ways. Just stay away from the movement where you’re on the treadmill, and you literally have to do 7 other things to distract yourself because it sucks so bad. It could be power walking or dancing down the street. It can be all sorts of different things. But immersion is the key behind it, where your mind and body are doing the same thing.


I’m guilty…

I do tend to get on the treadmill while I’m at the gym.  And while I am on the treadmill, I’m also thinking about all the things I have going on. So I’m just going through the motions, and I’m not really benefiting from it because I’m literally just there…walking.


Being in the moment.

TIffaney says that at the end of the day, where we find joy, creativity, and our best performance is in the moment.   So Tiffaney is all about using high intensity fitness as a gateway to mindfulness to be in the moment and unlock all of the good things. So it’s a completely different intention. It has nothing to do with working out. It’s about joy, fulfillment, and completely shifting the mindset.


We are so guilty of not really being in the moment.

There are two things that we have going against us that set us up to have “squirrel” thoughts. The first one is that 47% of the time, our mind is wandering to the past or to the future. In the past, it’s directly linked to sadness, depression, and all those fear based thoughts.  When it’s wandering to the future, it’s linked to anxiety and fear. So half of the time, we are not in the current moment. Then you throw on the hustle and bustle culture, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Our brain is literally hardwired to focus on one thing at one time. So when we switch, we actually think we’re multitasking. But we are task switching from thing to thing, and it takes our brain time to catch up. This results in losing up to 40% of our productivity.

So we have the hustle and bustle mentality of doing more, faster. We have that urge to do all the things. And we have all the noise and distractions out there helping us do that like all the notifications and emails. Then we have the “squirrel thoughts” that are naturally pulling us into the past or future. So if we don’t deliberately get up and train our minds, we are getting tugged to “Squirrel Emporium” and it feels terrible every day. 


Being present is a hard task to accomplish.

Training your mind to be in the current moment is a hard concept. Especially with regard to the information overload we are in all the time. Literally at any given moment, we have 65 different things coming at us. No matter what, we are on information overload.  We’re constantly trying to process this information. In a lot of ways, in a lot of things, we’re just there going through the motions and not actually being present.

Tiffaney’s idea with movement is like the jolt to figure out what mind, body connection actually feels like. So you’re getting a little bit of a taste of that everyday. Meditation can also do that. Other types of things that are immersive like journaling can do that. There are all sorts of different tools to drop into mindfulness. But Tiffaney says movement is the most powerful one if you do it intentionally. 

Tiffany has found that using fitness in this way for all fitness levels has just been a really safe, engaging, and friendly way to empower people to connect with their body and know what that feels like for the first time in their life. So she does this, and then she puts meditation on the back end of the movement. So all of a sudden, you know what it feels like to be connected. Then when the “squirrel thoughts” starts zipping around, and you feel your physiology shift, you can either stay in that place, or you can pause and come back to the moment and realize it’s happening. 


Being detached is detrimental.

We’re just so detached from our bodies that we don’t realize we’re caught in our heads so much, and how detrimental that is. So it’s literally just a skill, and it can be so simple. So that’s really what Tiffaney is on a mission to do…simplify the idea of mindfulness through movement. 

In the female entrepreneur space, we are wearing so many hats all the time, and we’re doing so many things. We’re all here to make an impact. But you can’t do that when you’re not in your best state. You can’t do that if you’re not living in that present moment, and if you’re not really connected to your mind and body. and different things. 


It doesn’t have to be an all day thing.

The most intriguing thing about Tiffaney’s approach is that it doesn’t have to be an all day experience. We’re talking about 5-15 minutes of intentional movement a day.   That really takes away your ability to have an excuse not to do it.  Everybody can find 5-15 minutes in their day.  If you can’t, you have a way bigger problem to address. You can find 5-15 minutes in your day and use it to really empower yourself to show up better and be more. 


Women business owners truly have the ability to shift our world and our society.

They are the people leading with love and more empathy. Women business owners need to be the ones making all the money, employing more people, and driving societal change. Tiffaney is really passionate about empowering women to find their power, even more their strength, internally and externally. She loves to help women find that confidence in their skin again.  She believes every woman deserves to feel that. 


Key takeaway…passion.

If nothing else, I want you to really understand the passion that Tiffany has in her mission. She’s so passionate about what she does. And that in itself should be empowering and inspiring you. That passion is what is going to drive you and set this world on fire, and we need more of that. So find what it is that is going to allow you to speak in that same way, with the same passion in your voice that Tiffany is showing up with right now. It’s unparalleled and incredible.


How you can work with Tiffaney.

TIffaney says to first check out her podcast, and just see if that vibes with you. And if you’re digging that, and you want to start walking on this path with more mindfulness and movement, pop on over to her website. She’s actually launching a new program in mid September. It’s a 6 week mind and body accelerator. On her website, you will find just a freebie 5-10 minute of moving your body to get out of your head and in the moment. 


Last thoughts from Tiffaney.

When you’re feeling a little bit in your head, just move your body a little bit. Turn on some music. Go for a power walk.  Move in a way that is immersive because it is the most powerful thing that you can do to come back to your power to your purpose in your magnetic energy.

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