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Launch mode is a misconception. A lot of you think of launch mode as this big to-do when you are launching something. You gear up, and you do a big launch.  I want you to shift your thinking when it comes to launch mode. You are actually always in launch mode if you are not fully book, or at least you should be. 


Always in launch mode.

You need to treat every single day in your business as if you’re in launch mode. If you are in client acquisition, meaning you are not fully booked and you need new clients, you’re essentially in launch mode already.  Launch mode is really just a series of steps for the sales. It’s promoting something, and letting people know it exists. 

But, I want you to think about this with any of your services. Even if you only have one spot to fill, treat it the same as you would if you were launching a group program every quarter. When you can change your mindset to start treating every day like launch mode, it changes everything. 


Think about the level of promotion that happens when somebody is in launch mode. 

You hear about it all the time. They’re excited, and they’re sharing it with you. Why should that stop if you’re trying to fill your one spot? You should be in the same mindset. The framework is still the same. Sharing testimonials/social proof, getting visible, and letting people know that the offer exists. So, you need to be letting people know you’re taking on new clients. Don’t just assume that they know. 


Are you fully booked or not?

I want you to look at your business right now. How much capacity do you have? If you are not fully booked, meaning you have space to take on new clients, I want you to put yourself in launch mode for the next 4 weeks. Ideally, pick one product, service, or program, and essentially launch that this month. Think about how much faster you can fill your calendar if you pick one thing. So put yourself in launch mode and go through the process. 


You get too wrapped up in these buzzwords.

You treat “launch mode” like it’s different. But the reality is launch mode is just sales mode. If you’re not fully booked, you need to be in launch mode every month. So that might mean you need to bring on people that can help you like a copywriter or a tech or general VA. You need to treat it the same as you would if you were doing a large launch if you want to be fully booked. 


Put yourself out there, and stop hoping people will come find you. 

It’s time to shift your thinking. So put yourself in launch mode, and get fully booked. Fill that 1:1 spot, sell that new program, or launch a Power Hour. If you want a quick cash injection, why don’t you put a new offer together?


Everything you do is technically a launch. 

It doesn’t have to be this long drawn out funnel and making sure you’ve got all these pieces together like having email sequences behind it. It’s about the fact that launch mode equals sales mode. That’s what you have to equate it to…launch mode is sales mode. 

So, if you’re not fully booked, put yourself in so-called launch mode if you need to call it that to wrap your head around it. If you need to call it client acquisition mode, then call it client acquisition mode. Everybody calls it something different. Terms like launch mode are buzzwords that we create to sell. Somebody created the phrase launch mode because they created a process that’s now essentially your everyday standard sales process. 


Shift your mindset.

But my point is…shift your mindset, and put yourself in launch mode every single month. Pick one focus and start selling it. Then, when it’s filled, pick the next step/opportunity for your clients. No matter what, you’re doing the same process regardless of what it is you’re selling or promoting. So don’t get so wrapped up in the buzzwords. You’re technically always in launch mode. So tell me…what are you launching right now? 


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