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Do you know a great way to stand out and create some amazing content for yourself that is a huge value add to your audience? I’ll give you a hint…people will be able to watch it. I know that you are probably inside of different social media spaces all the time. You see the struggles of your ideal client. So one of the things that you can do that really amplifies your content and connection is take a question you hear often and make a short video on it.


Client questions = content.

So let’s say a client has a question on what’s the best way to set up a master class. Instead of commenting with regular text and giving them an answer, one of the things that you can do that makes you stand out is create a quick video that explains how to solve whatever their problem is. 

I have a YouTube video about how to use a masterclass for effective lead generation. So if I see people asking about running a masterclass, instead of commenting with my thoughts, I can send them this video.  I simply say, “This is something that a lot of my clients have asked me about. I created this quick video that shows you how to do it and gives you all of the different steps that you need to take.” Then, you put a link to the YouTube video. 


Video amplifies your connection.

Now, you’re standing out because you’re not just giving them a quick tip. You’re giving them a video that you created that shows them how to do it. You can publish it on YouTube for free. Just publish it as a public link where they can just click and watch it. 

But, also think about all the people that are in that thread who are also watching the comments. They can also click on that link. It gives them a better insight into who you are because now they can see you. They’re hearing your voice, and you’re actually walking them through it. 

If you are a service provider, this is a great thing for you to do. One of my clients is a tech VA and she does this. She sees a lot of questions on how to integrate this product with another product. So she just did a quick loom video on how to do it with a quick step by step and put it on YouTube. So now anytime somebody asks that question, she has this resource where she can share that video.


Using video can apply to any industry.

It’s a really great way to create content, which then you can repurpose it into text content. You could repurpose it into a free resource library that people opt-in to. So, you could put it onto a platform like MemberVault and just keep uploading these videos. You can even turn it into a podcast.  So you really can do so much with it. You can even send it out to your email list as an added value. 


Creating videos is so easy to do.

If you’re not sure, just create a bunch of bite size ”how to” videos that answer somebody’s question. Walk them through step by step. It’s like a huge value add, and it differentiates you. Other people are trying to explain their answer to the question in text.  Meanwhile, you are sharing a video that can solve their problem.  That’s going to stick with them.


Pros and cons of opt-in.

If you decide to put the videos into a software like Memorable or Teachable or something of that sort, where they actually have to opt-in to it, there’s definitely pros and cons. They may not want to give you their email to get it. But there’s also ways that you can make it so that you can actually track how many people watched it. I know in MemberVault, you can make it a teaser type module where they can opt-in, but they don’t have to. But it still allows you to track it. 


Creating a quick video differentiates you from everybody else answering the question. 

It allows people to see you for who you are and get a feel for how you serve your clients. Also, it opens them up to your world, and it puts them in your pipeline. You definitely want to always make sure you put a quick call to action at the end of them. It could be to jump on a call. Make sure inside the video description, it’s very easy for them to connect with you further. Whether it’s a link to your Facebook group, your website, or your call link. Make it super easy for them to connect with you.


But think about all of the content you could create simply by answering questions of your ideal client in these Facebook groups. Now you’ve got this wealth of content that you can repurpose in a million different ways. This makes you more visible. Bonus, you’re doing something that not everybody else is doing in your industry. 


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