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What To Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned

What To Do With Things Don't Go As Planned

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Have you ever launched something and it just didn’t go as planned? I think it’s a safe bet that we’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good offer. There are a lot of factors involved. When things don’t go as planned, you have to take the data, use it as a learning experience, and grow from it. Let’s talk about what to do when things don’t go as planned.


It’s my favorite time- story time!

In July, I launched a mastermind. It was a 6 week mastermind, and I ended up with 3 people in it.  I had personally reached out to about 30 people who could not commit to this mastermind during the summer, but asked me to let them know when it opened again in the fall. So I created this entire wait list of people that were “ready and waiting” for my fall launch.

I was really excited about it.  I had all these people on the wait list, and it was time to let them know it was time to get started. But, I made a small change to it, which may or may not have been an issue. I changed it from 6 weeks to 12 weeks because 6 weeks felt really short. 

The only reason I did 6 weeks was because it was summer, and I understood the commitment was going to be tough in the summer. So I made it a 12 week program, the price went up, and nobody was interested. I got a million more excuses. 


I was so defeated that it didn’t go as planned! 

And I thought what the hell! All these people said they were ready and waiting, and now nobody signed up. But this doesn’t mean that the mastermind is not a good idea. It doesn’t mean that the mastermind is not an amazing offer. 

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I can host and facilitate a phenomenal peer to peer mastermind. But I also know that, from what I gathered, people commit to them long term. So they commit to them at the beginning of the year for a 6 or 12 month mastermind. 

I also know that I possibly wasn’t talking to the right people. Maybe the pricing was incorrect. I didn’t position it correctly, or I didn’t explain it well enough.  So many people really felt like it was just another group program when it actually wasn’t. 


All of those things were learning experiences for me.

If you take the time to understand that the data is giving you answers, not defeating you, then you can use that so you can spark ideas. It doesn’t mean to never launch it again and get rid of it. Am I done launching masterminds? Absolutely not! Will I launch a mastermind in January? I absolutely will! I know the power of peer to peer masterminds. But I also know I need to position it differently. 

In 2022, I will be launching masterminds again, but in a completely different capacity. I’m going to take the data from my last launch and position differently. To be honest, I’m going to position it so that it really speaks to a different audience. I clearly wasn’t speaking to the right audience.  It wasn’t a good fit. 


So, park it. 

When I say park it that means to put it in your project management tool, make a note of it, and put it on hold. Do whatever you have to do. But it doesn’t mean it was a bad idea. There’s so many factors that play into these things that are out of your control. You can’t take them personally. The only thing you can do is take the data from what you’ve done and learn from it. 


A lot of the time, the things that don’t go as planned are things that we do impulsively.

They’re the type of things that you get an idea and then just almost immediately launch it. But the reality is your audience doesn’t have time to understand it. Your audience doesn’t have time to really get a full grasp of what it is, why they might need it, and how it’s going to benefit them. 

Sometimes it’s way off base from something you’ve been promoting. So then they end up confused! It doesn’t mean it’s not a good offer. Your offer could be a great offer, and it wasn’t the right time. Or maybe you need to position it slightly differently. 


When things don’t go as planned, learn from it.

That’s what’s most important here. Learn from it, don’t take it personally, and use the feedback for what it is…feedback. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. And it doesn’t mean people don’t like you. It just means it wasn’t the right time. 

Have you had an offer that didn’t go as planned? Think about what may have been the contributing factors to that. Write it down and think about what you would do differently next time.  Then, really take a look at what your market is telling you and adjust accordingly before you launch it again.


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