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Don’t Sleep on Social Media Marketing

Don't sleep on social media marketing

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Let’s talk about one of my absolute favorite topics…social media marketing.  I don’t know why, but I have so many clients that resist it. They are full of excuses about why they resist it. Some of those excuses include: it’s too political, it’s the same thing over and over, it’s hard to compete against the noise, all the conversations are surreal, and it creates imposter syndrome. Some people truly just hate social media. 

But here’s the reality…if you’re going to be in the online space, social media is a necessary “evil”. You need to realize that social media is a powerful asset to your business and you have control over what’s in your feed. Social media is a powerful asset to your business.  Why is it so incredibly powerful? First of all, because it’s fun! I can’t think of one person in my Facebook group, or any of my clients, that I have not met through some form of social media. 


Argument #1: “But I have pictures of my kids on my Facebook.”

I understand that you don’t like to accept friend requests from people that you don’t know because you post pictures of your kids on there. Facebook is often how you stay in touch with your family. Here’s the kicker…if you are active in Facebook groups, you are active on your personal profile. 

Think about it. If you write a comment, and somebody wants to connect with you, they are clicking on your personal profile. If your profile is so locked down that they cannot see anything about you or even send you a message, you are 100% missing out. I will be honest and tell you that I am not the only person that feels this way. If I can’t see what you do and connect with you easily, I don’t do business with you. 


Action #1: Set up a separate profile.

If you are not comfortable with it, and I do understand that, set up a separate personal profile that you use for business only. Social media is a tool. Facebook is a tool. It’s an ASSET to your business. So if you don’t want people you don’t know to see pictures of your kids, that’s fine. Just create another social media profile that you use for business only.  

Just remember…if it doesn’t match up to your website and your email, it can be confusing. So I highly suggest you use your real name, and use that to interact from a business perspective. This way on your personal profile you can post business related tips and tricks, and you can create value posts. You can go live, and do different things related to your business. 


Argument #2: “I don’t like to see all the political posts.”

If you don’t like seeing political stuff people love to talk about, get rid of it! Curate your feed. This holds true with every single platform. Curate your feed to be the things you enjoy interacting with. If you don’t enjoy interacting with politics, then delete the people that talk about politics. Unfriend them, or block them! 

It’s not that hard. I love to talk to everyone on my Facebook feed. The same is true on LinkedIn. If somebody sends me a connection request on LinkedIn, and they haven’t posted anything that I can interact with, I don’t necessarily always accept the connection. Do yourself a favor and curate your feed! Talk to the people that you like to talk to. 


ACTION #2: Curate your feed.

If you work primarily with service based entrepreneurs in the freelance space, use the search feature to look for people who are like that and make those connections. Then you’re guaranteed to be able to have things that you can talk about. You can post relevant content to them. They will see it. 

Make social media fun for yourself! If you’ve connected with people on any of the platforms that give you imposter syndrome, get rid of it. Replace that with people you can interact with.  Do you honestly think they’re looking at their profile and realizing you blocked them?  They probably didn’t even know! You also don’t have to accept everyone’s friend requests.

Stop thinking that people care so much! They really don’t! Stop assuming that people are going to even notice. The reality is that they’re so focused on themselves, that they’re not really noticing if you block or delete them. So curate your feed! Social media is so incredibly powerful. 


Harness the power of social media!

Pick the platform that you love hanging out on and curate it to be things that you enjoy! Things that are going to grow your business. Connect with your ideal client and your ideal strategic partnerships. And connect with people that have a similar audience so that when you comment on their material, their audience sees it. 


Have real conversations! 

I promise you…it’s a lot of fun, and it’s not that exhausting. You are making it so exhausting because you’re making it out to be this big thing! It’s really not! It’s scrolling your feed, making conversations, and moving on. If you don’t like something, block it! That’s the beauty of social media! You can say goodbye to people just as fast as you accept them. So, if they push you off in the bunker, hit that block button, baby. There’s far more nice people out there than the few that are a pain. 


Use social media because it is an asset.

Yes, there’s other things you need to be doing in order to maintain your list. You can’t rely on social media alone. But while it’s here, use it! It is a powerful asset. So stop hating it and find a way to love it! I’m telling you that you’re costing yourself so many opportunities for clients, conversations, strategic partnerships, referral opportunities to speak, and so much more! You never know who’s watching! 

Use social media for what it is and just block out the rest of it. There’s always going to be garbage there. But don’t let that deter you because the powerful benefits of it far outweigh the little bit of garbage. I built my entire business through social media. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for social media. So get on there and utilize it to your power and your benefit.


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