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Assumptions are bad for business. I’m talking about the assumptions that you make up in our head about bothering people or that they don’t like what you are putting out.  These types of assumptions are completely false and can really mess with your head and your business.  You have to stop worrying about what everyone thinks and just be you.  Let’s talk about how making assumptions is damaging your business.


Worrying doesn’t help. 

When it comes to getting visible or sharing things on social media, I often hear people say that they feel like nobody cares. They also worry if their content bothers people or that they are simply posting too much. Here’s my suggestion…stop worrying about it. 

There is absolutely no way for you to understand or know what bothers anyone else. If you knew what every single person was bothered by, you’d be a magician! You don’t actually know, and it’s not up to you to decide what bothers someone else. 


Your job is to show up, share information, and have fun in your business.

You need to show up in the most authentic way. If somebody doesn’t like what you’re posting, they can unfollow you. It’s okay if people unfollow you. If they aren’t resonating with your content, they should unfollow you! 


Don’t let worry stop you from sharing your message. 

What about the person that really needs to hear your message that day? Or the person that is actively looking for the service that you provide? If you’re too busy being worried about if someone isn’t enjoying your content, you’re doing a disservice to the people that truly need it. 


It’s not up to you to decide how someone else feels.

There’s absolutely no way you would even know how others feel about your content before you put it out.  It’s just impossible. Your job is to show up! If you want to share a story about a conversation you had with a client or that you’re working in a coffee shop, then share it! 

That means it’s a message that’s on your heart, and it’s just eating away at you. So share it and don’t worry about what somebody might think. A lot of people’s unhappiness is grounded in the fact they care about what other people think of them! Your job is to show up and share what is on your heart.


Be consistent and be authentic.

Content is so fast moving.  Just because I didn’t see it on Monday, doesn’t mean I’m not going to be ready to hear it on Friday. So show up and share! For the love of God, will you please just share what you know your audience needs to hear? Your audience is going to give you feedback.  And when they let you know they are resonating with something you share, then do more of it! But don’t sit here, and not do something, because you’re worried it might bother somebody. 

There’s absolutely no way for you to please every single person that comes across your path. It’s just not possible. Stop trying to figure it out. Do what you have to do for your business! And don’t worry about the rest.


Your business relies on you to continue to share about it. 

You cannot be afraid of offending someone. If somebody gets that offended that easily because you’re working in a coffee shop and they don’t like to see that, are they really your ideal client anyway? No..they aren’t! You want to do business with clients that resonate with things beyond the service you provide. I know I would much rather work with people that have that vibe with the things that I do! 


You need to know that you are a good fit for your audience. 

The only way to do that is to share the things that showcase your personality. Your personality differentiates you from everyone else! Stop making up these assumptions in your head. Just be your most authentic self and stop trying to figure out what other people are going to be offended by.


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