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What is your definition of being “fully booked”? When people join my Facebook group, I ask them about their definition of “fully booked”. I get a lot of responses like having people on a waitlist, or being booked out for 3 months at a time. But I want you to get more specific on what being “fully booked” is and really define what your true capacity is for “fully booked”. Let’s discuss how you can define being “fully booked” in your business.


I won’t lie- this takes a little bit of calculation.

We talk a lot about this in my Destination: Fully Booked program. Defining what “fully booked” looks like for you, as far as your time and offers, is all part of the process of my R.O.U.T.E. framework. But I want to help you define what “fully booked” means for you because you have to understand what that looks like to move forward towards growth.


A lot of it comes down to time. 

Regardless of what your packages look like, one of the biggest things that you need to know is how much time you have available every single month. Bottom line…how many hours do you want to work in or on your business?


Here’s an example… 

I worked with a client who said she could work 20 hours a week. She has kids at home and has to work during nap times, after hours, and weekends. So she added up all those times and it came to 20-25 hours a week. 

But then, I asked her if she honestly wanted to work every weekend, or if she wanted to be spending that time with her family. She realized she didn’t want to work every weekend. But she didn’t mind working one Saturday or one Sunday because they still take naps.  She truly didn’t want to be working every weekend.


This is a key piece of information! 

Just because the hours are available does not mean you have to take on clients that fill all that time. If you don’t want to work that much, that’s perfectly okay. This is why you have to go through and organize your calendar. 

You need to really look at it and be honest with yourself. Do not overextend yourself on the amount of hours you can work. If you know that you cap out at 20 hours per week, then cap yourself out at 20 hours per week. This is what is going to define your “fully booked”…how much capacity you have to take on new clients. 


Now it’s time to look at your packages…

Hopefully you have some defined packages or know exactly what you have available. So if you’re in the time for dollars trade, and you have 20 hours per week, that’s 80 hours per month that you have available.  You have packages that are 40 hours a month packages or 20 hours a  month packages. That means you can take on 4-20 hour a month packages or 2-40 hours a month packages. So if you have a 40 hour a month package, and you only have 80 hours total, your “fully booked” is 2 clients per month. That’s it. 


Not knowing what “fully booked” looks like for you can be the cause of burnout! 

This is super eye opening for a lot of people. You have to get really clear on this because this is what causes burnout. When there is not a clear definition of what “fully booked” looks like, you can very easily overextend yourself. 

You just start taking on new client after new client. And the next thing you know, you’re working too many hours.  You have to have so many clients to hit your revenue goals, and you end up beyond your capacity. That’s when things start to fall through the cracks. This is when you start to feel overwhelmed! Eventually you will burn out and shut down. I know that you don’t want to do that. 


Here is a prime example. 

I had a client who had an influx of leads through a referral. She ended up getting around 12 leads from this one referral. But when we looked at her calendar, based on her current workload of clients, and what she had available for time, she only had the capacity to take 3 of these clients on. 

This makes a huge difference in your selling and your marketing. When you have leads coming in, it’s easy to say I can only take on 3 new clients until XYZ date. That’s “fully booked”. So your definition of “fully booked” depends on what that looks like FOR YOU. 


This is where and why you have to really get clear on how many hours you have available. 

You have to think about how many hours it honestly takes for you to execute on your packages regardless of what they are. Do you know that information? If not, that’s where you need to be spending your time. How many hours does it take for you to execute on this project, offer, or service?  Then line it up with how many hours you have available. That is your “fully booked”.


There’s so many factors that go into your definition of “fully booked”. 

You can always bring in quick cash injections. But you have to define your baseline “fully booked” based on hours, packages, and how many people you can take on.  You have to make sure those are aligned. 

Let’s take this another step further. Say you have 80 hours available, and you have a 40 hour a month package. That’s 2 people. If you have 2 people on that 40 hour a month package, does that meet your revenue goal? 

I just did this with a client. She had a package put together, and based on the amount of hours it was going to take her to execute on this package, her max capacity would be about 3 clients a month. This was not going to meet her revenue goal of what she needed financially to make in her business. 

This allowed us to quickly reevaluate this package. It is something you have to consider. This could be a real reason why you’re not hitting your revenue goals. It’s just physically not possible with the packages and the time you have available. 


My R.O.U.T.E. Framework can help you figure these things out.

It is designed to give you the 5 step process to make sure all that data is aligned to create packages to help you meet your goals and have the ability to grow. If you need help going through this process, please reach out. We can bang this out in a day and get you on the right path. But, first you need to define what “fully booked” looks like for you based on the hours you have available. But remember, just because those hours are available doesn’t mean you have to work them. 

Then you have to evaluate your packages and your clients. You need to match that to your revenue goals. If any of the 3 are out of alignment, it’s time to go back to the drawing board because that is what is keeping you from hitting that next level goal. 

So define your “fully booked” and share it with me. I would love to know what your true definition of “fully booked” is once you go through this exercise. Send me a DM or get into my Facebook group. Let’s talk about it.


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