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Have you ever found yourself constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop? If so, know that you’re not alone.  I spoke with Donna Tashjian of Vibrant Living International about how your focus dictates your results.  We discussed how shifting your focus from negative to positive will greatly impact not only your business, but your personal life, too.  Let’s take a look at how you can shift your focus and yield great results.


Meet Donna.

Donna is the founder of Vibrant Living International, which is a non-profit organization. She is also a Life Mastery Coach, an ordained minister, podcaster, and author.  She helps bring accelerated transformation to people across the world. 

Her passion is to help you reach your full potential. She specializes in helping you turn your baggage into luggage so you can live the life of your dreams using and developing your spiritual intelligence.  Donna has been speaking and coaching for over 20 years. 

She is a wife and mom of 3 married kids. Also, she has 8 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter as well. Donna says these are her favorite things in the world. She also loves tea, jazz, flowers, and enjoys reading as well. 


To Donna, it’s all about relationships.

Technology has allowed us to create lasting relationships with people we otherwise may not have met.  Not only can you create those relationships, but you can also curate them. Her passion is to help caring women rise above a painful past and the disappointments of life so that they can actually live the life they’ve always dreamed with confidence and ease. 

There have been so many painful moments for a lot of people this past year. Learning how it affected a lot of people in different situations makes Donna’s work so relevant today. But the truth is, we all have painful things that we have been through. One of the things women are known for is saying we’re okay, when we’re not really okay. This is why Donna does what she does.


Donna’s #1 Tip.

As Donna was getting Vibrant Living International off the ground, she got a little overwhelmed. She reached out to her coach and her coach said to her, “Live every day as if success was inevitable.” Donna shared that when you’re in a state of overwhelm, you’re actually picturing whatever it is you are doing not working out. 

It hit Donna at that moment that she was picturing this business not working out.  Like it was doomed to fail.  She was so focused on it not working, which is what led to her feelings of overwhelm. So her coach told her to get up everyday and make choices as if it was going to work…as if success was inevitable. 


This type of mindset shift will affect you greatly. 

Everything is going to be okay, so act like it.  This literally changes everything. You have to be focused on the right things in your life. If you focus on the things that are going well, that creates a completely different set of actions, thoughts, and therefore results. 

I know it’s so easy to focus on the things that are going wrong because it’s at the forefront of your mind. When something goes wrong, you immediately feel like it’s just slapping you in the face. It’s so forceful that it’s easy to focus on that alone.  And let me be the one to tell you that it’s so much easier to help other people look at it this way, but not so easy to do so for yourself.

Getting up everyday and proceeding as if success is inevitable will help you shift your focus from all of your fears. Fears aren’t necessarily true. So you have to get up and do your daily activities as if it is going to have positive results rather than thinking that you’re doing all this work for nothing. Like Donna says, we need to turn our baggage into luggage and take off. 


So how do you turn baggage into luggage?

First, you have to process your fears. Do a brain dump to get out all of your fears and concerns. Then for each fear or concern, write a truth. Most of your fears are not grounded in truth. So get it out on paper, then write promises or affirmations that are actually the truth that are the opposite of those statements. 

So your fear may be, “Nobody’s going to want to hear your message.” Your truth would then be, “My people will hear my message and resonate with it.” This is just one example of this practice.  When you begin to do this, you can eliminate the fears, and replace those fears with the truth. This is how our actions follow and our results change. So process it. Don’t pretend. Find someone, either yourself and paper, or find somebody you can talk to or process the fears, replace them with truth, and then move on.


Your focus becomes your results.

I think so often we’re too focused on things that aren’t true. It’s not about what everybody else is doing or what everybody else’s message is. It’s really about honing in and focusing on what it is that you’re looking for. This exercise is so powerful.  It can really help you to focus on YOUR truth, not everybody else’s. You have to focus on your truth, and your truth alone.

When you can focus on your truth and your business needs, and stay focused on that everything can fall into place.  You don’t necessarily need 100,000 people to see your message to be successful.  You need to connect with the right people and be authentic.  That’s how the right people will then respond to what you have to say.  This particular mindset shift can be a  game changer in your business.


Focusing on fear will not lead you to results.

When we focus on outlandish things that are not even possible, we end up in a state of fear and overwhelm. That’s where these stories in your head can trip you up. Fears are not even true. You need to take the time to go through the process of countering your fears with actual truths.  It’s little things like this that will help you shift your focus and make such a big difference really in your everyday life. 


Donna’s gift to you.

Donna has an eBook called “An Umbrella on a Sunny Day”.  It is an amazing resource. When you are carrying some type of baggage around, you’ve had pains and disappointments in your life. There is a part of your brain that thinks if you prepare for the bad, you’ll be better off. 

So the “umbrella on a sunny day” is how we always prepare for the other shoe to drop. You have to remember what you focus on, you’re empowering. So therefore you’re empowering the negative that you don’t even want to happen. It’s the opposite of living every day as your success is inevitable. 

This eBook is full of Donn’a personal, really raw stories. It has some key points on how to not to prepare all the time for the other shoe to drop so that you can really be and live to your fullest potential. This eBook is about how you can live fully present and really be the best version of yourself. 


The fact that Donna is sharing raw, vulnerable stories is amazing!

Often, we think we’re alone. So when you can hear the stories of other people who have been through something similar and made it to the other side, it gives you hope. You are not alone in thinking that you’re the only person in the world that’s in this position, whether it’s personal and professional.  

The truth is we’re all very similar in a lot of ways. So sharing and hearing those stories just makes it so much more relatable. It helps us to know that we can get through this. So definitely download Donna’s eBook, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or even wine, and dive right into it.


How you can reach Donna.

You can reach Donna on Facebook by searching for Donna Tashjian.  You can message her that and talk more. You can also visit her website,, where there’s a bunch of free resources. It’s time for you to shift your focus and yield great results.


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