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Getting Into The DMs The Right Way

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To some people, getting into the DMs is the scariest thing in the world. They feel like it’s so spammy and will hurt their business. We have all been a recipient of a message from someone who immediately starts pitching what they have to sell. This is not the right way to utilize the DMs. But there is a nice way to get into the DMs. I’m going to help you with this and make it less scary. Let’s talk about getting into the DMs the right way!


Conversation happens in the DMs… 

These conversations do not have to be a spammy, nasty thing. It’s just a conversation. This is where the four C’s come in. You have new connections. Those connections turn into conversations. Conversations turn into collaborations or clients. 

It’s great to make all these new connections. But if you’re never having a conversation with them, what is the point? You absolutely have to have conversations with people and get to know them and allow them to get to know you!

You might think that all these conversations in the DMs are exhausting, or time consuming. But what’s more time consuming? Having a conversation that could literally last you five minutes in the DMs and sending multiple DM messages in a day without being a spammy? Or sitting there creating content by spending 30 to 45 minutes engaging and having all these random conversations with people that may or may not ever get to really know what you do or who you are? 


Connections and relationships are everything.

You have to get to know your connections and build those relationships. So if you want to make this easier, remember that it’s just a conversation. Talk to people in the DMS in the same way you would talk to them if you were standing face to face. 

Think about if you were at a networking event, you would not walk up to someone and just immediately ask if they want to do business or buy what you have to sell. You would walk up to someone, introduce yourself, and have casual conversation. The same holds true in the DMs. Take the time to get to know the people that you are connecting with. 


So how can you shift your mindset when using the DMs?

First, pick one day per week to send DMs. You should have an admin day scheduled. If not, go listen to my episode on structuring your work week. But during your admin time, spend 30 minutes and go through your new connections that you’ve made that week. Block that time out. Make an appointment with yourself. It’s that important. 

No matter what platform you’re on, your new connections usually show up in your recently added. This makes it very easy to see your new connections. So go through and look at them. See how many of them have you actually connected with. 

If you have not sent them a message, then send a very simple message introducing yourself.  Something like this, “Hey, Michelle’s so great to connect with you. I appreciate you taking the time to accept my friend request. I’d love to get to know you more. How’s your day going?” It’s really that simple. I have an entire system with over 30 scripts that you can use. 


There’s so much power in the DMs. 

Most of you spend too much time overthinking the DMs. Therefore, you don’t do it. It’s time to get rid of all your excuses. By using these scripts, there’s no overthinking. All you have to do is plug and play and adapt them to your voice. 


Next, you need to go through the content you have posted for the week.

You can do this on your email marketing, social marketing, blog, podcast, or wherever it is that you show up. But I want you to look at your posts that you’ve put up for the week. Now, look at the people that have engaged with you on that content. Here’s why- if they’ve engaged with you on this content, then most of the time they’re open to some kind of conversation. 

So then your message says, “Hey, Michelle. Thanks so much for engaging on my post about self sabotage. I really appreciated your comment.” This is how you can turn it into a conversation relevant to whatever that post was about. You can also ask them what they have going on in their business this week. 

I’ve been having that conversation with multiple people all week long. It’s amazing to hear what people have going on. They love to share what’s happening. Ask them what they have going on that’s exciting or what they are reading. Just make it conversational. The goal is to get them offline at some point because you only go back and forth in the DMS a few times before you offer that coffee chat. 


Conversions happen mostly offline.

You want to get them on a coffee chat type of call. So you have a couple qualifying conversations in the DMs, and then eventually you want to speed up the process by getting them on the phone. 

Do this one day per week. I’m not saying you have to have 6 conversations a week or more. One per week is all I’m asking you to do. It will make a huge difference. Then, when people see that you’re in the DMs, they’re going to start to see your content more. So make sure you look back through your posts and see who you’ve engaged with. 


The third thing that you can do is go back through your DMs. 

You want to find people that you’ve talked to previously. Hopefully, if you have these coffee chats and connections, you have some kind of list that you’re keeping track of them on. So just go back through those connections and see what they’re up to. Actually take a minute to see what’s new in their life. 

Don’t just send them a random message. Maybe they’re launching a new program and you can send a message that says, “Hey! I see you’re launching this new program. How exciting! Tell me more! I’d love to hear about it! How’s it going?” 


The last thing you can do is follow up with old clients.

Go back to your old clients and reopen the conversation. You can send a message that says, “Hey! How’s it going? I haven’t talked to you in a while! What’s new?” There is nothing wrong with catching up with them. And there’s also nothing wrong with actually sharing your current offers.  Especially if you think it’s somebody that would be very interested in your offer. 


You can always blame the algorithm.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent somebody a message and said, “Hey! The last time that we talked you mentioned that you might be interested in this program the next time I launched it. Not sure if you’ve seen my posts about it, but I did launch it and I wanted to just make sure you saw it.” I have had so many people who have thanked me for reaching out to them like this.  

You can’t rely on people to see you! Just keep it casual and do it the nice way. If somebody gets annoyed by it, that’s on them. You can’t control their reaction to it. All you can do is control your actions. If they choose to get annoyed by that because you’re trying to just do something nice, they’re not your ideal client anyways. You cannot take it personally. It is what it is. 


Action items for you breakdown.

So to get into the DMs, you have four tasks. First, pick one day per week and go through your new connections.  Next, look at the posts you’ve put up and send a message to the people that you have engaged. Then, send a message to people that you’ve haven’t talked to in a while that you talked to previously. Last, follow up with your old clients. 

If you need help with this, grab my DMs scripts and start taking action. No more overthinking! Just copy, paste, and adapt to fit your voice. Send the message. Start the conversation. You won’t regret it.


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