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If you are in biz planning mode, listen up. Do you need to pivot your offers? This doesn’t mean creating a brand new suite of offers. I’m talking about taking what’s working, and repositioning it to create even more growth in your business. Let’s discuss pivoting your offers for growth.


Let’s start with an example.

I have a client who is an attorney, and she sells legal contracts. She has templates for contracts, NDAs, testimonial release, podcast guests, and so much more.  These are the contracts you need as a business owner to protect your brand and your business.  

This just wasn’t feeling as exciting as it should for her.  Something was off. She felt like she was talking about the same thing over and over. 

At the time, she had her packages set up in different bundles so that you could buy the contracts based on the title that you give yourself. But one of the things that came up when I was working with another client was what contracts needed to be in place when launching something new. This was a light bulb moment for me.

My client who is the attorney needed to re bundle the contracts based on what people are launching. So if you’re launching a course, you need a certain bundle of contracts. And if you’re launching a 1:1 service, you need another bundle of contracts. So it was very easy to re-bundle what she already had, and made the experience easier for the client. 


This is a prime example of how you can pivot your offers.

We took products/services she already had and repackaged them.  We DID NOT change anything. And we DID NOT create a new business model. The only thing that we did was change how we marketed them. Sometimes, that’s all you really need. 


Do you need a pivot based on your industry?

I want you to look at your offers. Do you need a little bit of a pivot based on your industry? For my client, it made more sense to reposition her offers to be based on the business model instead of the title you give yourself because of the shift that has happened in the online space. 

Do your offers need just a slight pivot?  Should you make a slight change in how you present them in the market you bring them to? They’re not completely changing. Just a little shift can be enough to create new excitement about what you have to offer.


That new excitement could be a huge advantage to you.

It’s almost like a re-brand or relaunch. You can really do a lot with that. So I really encourage you to take the time to look at your offers if you are in biz planning mode. Then look at what your current market and industry are asking you for. Go back and look at all the clients you’ve had up to this point. Did they come to you because they were looking for something specific? Or was it more based on their needs? 


Look at the data and see what’s selling the best.

Think about how you can capitalize on that and make it better. I have another client who had both a full day and a half day VIP days. When we look at the data, the half day sells much better in her market and in her industry. 

A full day of tech is too much for people a lot of the time. It can be very overwhelming. Because they are only trying to meet an immediate need and not looking at the bigger picture, they’re coming multiple times for these half day sessions. They only can think about what they need at that exact moment. 


So serve the client where they’re at. 

It didn’t matter to my client whether she was doing half days or full days. She was booking just the same and making the same amount of money. So we just re-positioned what she offered.  She really doesn’t even promote the full day anymore. That offer is still in her back pocket. But she doesn’t really talk about them much because everybody in the industry is needing this one immediate thing done. 


So- do you need a pivot?

Look at your offers, your industry, and all of your clients and look at the language they used when they came to you. Examine the language they use when they’re talking to you about their issues or their problems. Think about that and see if you just need to pivot your offers slightly to accommodate that. 


Don’t forget…

Navigate Your 2022 Biz Plan starts December 6. This program now includes quarterly check-ins. I’m actually pivoting my offers. I’ve run this offer for 4 years in a row.  I’m pivoting it to be based on the market. Because of the world we’re living in, it’s really important to reflect quarterly. Once a year is not really enough. You need to be planning quarterly at this point because that’s all you can look ahead at. 

So this biz planning program includes those quarterly check ins. I’ll include training based on the industry and the market. It will include the reflection piece. We’ll look at what you should be looking at based on what quarter you’re in and which things you should be planning ahead for. I’d love it if you would join me for the Navigate Your 2022 Biz Plan program.


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