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What’s keeping your ideal client up at night? Really think about it – when your ideal client lays down to go to sleep at night, what problems, issues, or stressors are keeping them from falling asleep, waking them up in the night or just generally keeping them up at night? I know- it’s a different question to be asked, but when you are speaking to your ideal client, you need to go a little bit deeper than just their surface level pain points. 


You have to dig a little deeper.

Most of the time when you’re talking to your client, you’re looking at it from a place of very basic pain points. You and every other service provider are doing this. So you have to dig a little deeper and speak to your ideal client on that deeper level. 

I want you to really start to drop content and talk to your client as if you were talking to them in a regular conversation. Talk to your ideal clients as if you were talking face to face and they were telling you what’s keeping them up at night. Whatever struggle that is that is keeping them up at night is what they are willing to pay for to be solved.


Here’s an example.

Let’s say you have a podcast that you want to get launched. So if you’re speaking to surface level pain points, you might talk about how you can help your client get the podcast launched in 6 weeks. You would talk about the things they need to do and think about.

If you’re going deeper than those surface level pain points, you might talk to them about how you understand that they are struggling with all the different things they need to do.  Tell them how you understand that they are not sure which way to go. That you know they have had a podcast on their vision board/to-do list for at least a year. You know that It’s something they think about all the time. 

But for whatever reason, something keeps stopping them. Whether it’s the tech, the time, confusion about what content to create, or how you stay consistent with it, all of these things keep them actually launching the podcast. So you would share that you have a simple 4 part framework that will walk them through this, you will get it done in 6 weeks, and they’ll finally get that podcast off their vision board. 


Do you hear the difference between these two approaches?

Obviously I went into storytelling mode, but I’m getting on their level.  I’m sharing that I was the person that had a podcast on my list in 2019. All of those things were keeping me up at night and keeping me from launching my podcast. I was able to relate to them and tell them I am the person that can help them solve their struggle. 


Let me give you another example. 

Using my ideal client, I could talk about how you’re in a stage of growth. You’re looking for a strategic business plan, but you don’t know how to execute each part. Those are big terms that all make sense to me, but it’s pretty surface level.

Or I can say to you that you’ve been in business for at least a year. You’ve been doing it all yourself. And you’ve taken the courses, watched the videos, gotten yourself as far as you can go, and you’ve done well. You’re succeeding, but you’re feeling like you’re in this place of being stuck because you can’t get yourself any further. 

Essentially you’re in a place where you’ve got millions of ideas, but you’re not sure how to execute on them. You’re not sure which direction you should be going, which one makes the most sense, or how to increase your revenue. You’re feeling like you’re not talking to the right clients, but you don’t know how to really talk to that and attract them. You’re not really loving your offers and services that you provide, but you’re doing it because you feel like you should. 

It’s time to get that help. You know you cannot do this anymore by yourself. You’ve gotten yourself as far as you can go alone and you’re ready. You know you need a coach by your side. These are those deeper level pain points. 


Let’s put this into action.

I want you to think about your favorite client. Think about what they value, what they think about, and why it’s such a problem for them. Figure out those deeper pain points and share their struggles, but do it in a way that speaks 100% to that client. Speak to them as if you’re only speaking to that one person. 

So pick your favorite client and write content as if you’re speaking to only them.  Talk to them as if they’re already a client.  Speak to them like you’re on zoom with them, giving them advice, and giving them the things to do. 

This is how you want to talk to your ideal client. That’s what’s going to resonate with them because they can hear your voice when they read it. Make sure you’re speaking to your ideal client in a way that says you understand where they are at and you’re the person who can fix it. 


Need more examples?

If you need more examples, click into the Facebook group. Get in there and watch the hot seat coaching videos. But if you need help, we can mimic this on a zoom call. Let’s talk about it. We’ll record it. Then, you can transcribe it and create your own content from there. 

Sometimes it’s easier when you’re just talking to somebody else about it. You can easily make that conversation into content . So if you need that person to talk to…I can be that person. Let’s make it happen.


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