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Where are you in your business? Are you in a state of growth or scaling? I think In the online space, these two terms get thrown around interchangeably. But there is actually a huge difference between them. It’s really important to understand this difference and figure out where you are with your business. It could actually be detrimental to your actual growth if you are trying to do something too soon. Let’s discuss the difference between growth and scaling.


You can’t scale before you are ready.

A lot of times people are trying to scale their business before they’re actually ready to scale. When you do this, you don’t have a solid foundation in place. You actually build that foundation when you are in a state of growth. 

Think about it like this…when you build a house, you have to have a solid foundation. And if you don’t have that solid foundation before you start putting walls up, it’s going to crumble. This is what happens when entrepreneurs and solopreneurs try to scale before they are ready. They don’t have that solid foundation set up and then their business crumbles.


What is growth?

Growth is a stage in business where you are continuing to add revenue to your business. So you’re continuing to take on new clients, but your expenses are likely rising at the same time. If you are in a growth stage, your time is also increasing. So for every new client you take on, the time you add time to your calendar that you’re obligated to fulfill increases as well. You’re getting yourself to that fully booked standpoint.


What is scaling?

Scaling is when your revenue is increasing, but your expenses and time are not. Therefore, you are increasing your profitability.  You are finding ways to capitalize on your time, automating your business, etc. 


Scaling can be done in different ways.  

One of those ways is the one to many approach. Another way to scale is to scale your time.  This means automating, and putting systems in place. Scaling could be a client going on retainer.  This is especially true for me because my time with them as they go on retainer reduces, however, the income stays the same. So I can take on more clients. That’s a place of scaling.

Passive income is another place of scaling. But remember, all of these things require promotion, time, and energy. So you don’t want to just be booked out for one straight month and then decide you’re going to scale your business and completely automate everything. Or that you’re to move to passive income or to a group program.  Then, what happens the next month, you’re not booked out 1:1, and your group program is brand new.  You’re just now creating it and nobody’s waiting for it. So all of a sudden, you have to sell it. This is how things crumble.


Growth and scaling are a cycle.

Don’t try to get out of your growth stage for a long time. And even when you’re at scaling, you scale, then you get to that point of fully booked again, and then you’re back in a stage of growth. If you’re continuing to build your business, it’s cyclical. It never stops. 


Don’t get wrapped up in the words growth vs. scale. 

You can only scale a business that’s already been grown. Scaling doesn’t happen from the bottom up. So don’t get so wrapped up in those terms. They get thrown around a lot in the online space in the wrong way. 


The most important thing is that you have that solid foundation built. 

It’s okay to continue to grow. Then it naturally progresses into a place of scaling. If you’re building your business appropriately, and you’re building it with a solid foundation, your business will naturally scale on its own. Even if you don’t change anything. 

If you just continue to go through the motions, the processes get easier. Everything gets simplified. Your expenses stay the same, and you’re not constantly creating new offers. 

Focus on growing your business until you’re full. Then figure out what scaling really looks like for you. There’s a lot of different ways to scale a business. There is not just one way you can grow a business to six figures. Furthermore, you don’t have to scale it to six figures either. There truly is a difference between growth and scaling, and the success of your business depends on you knowing it. 


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