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Today I want to  give my love, appreciation, and gratitude to each and every one of you that have been here with me through this journey. Whether you have been listening to the podcast or coming here for the blog, I want to say thank you from the very very bottom of my heart. Getting this podcast and blog up and running was a huge vision of mine. 

As we sit here on the brink of a new year, I’m curious…what’s your vision for 2022? It’s common to think about money and goals. But, I want you to think beyond numbers, huge goals, or the size of your email list. When you sit down to reflect on 2022, what is it that will make you feel like you’ve had a really successful year? 


New Year, New Goals.

When the new year approaches, most of the time, people just start setting goals. They’re usually lofty revenue goals, or pertain to how many new clients you’re going to take on this year. To be clear, I’m not telling you not to do that. But I DO want you to think about your year a little bit differently.

When you sit down to reflect on 2022, what is it that will make you feel like you’ve had a really successful year? Obviously, numbers and money. Those are obviously success factors.  But there’s so many other things to consider. 


Everything is better with an example.

I did this exercise in 2020 moving into 2021. There were 3 words that I picked. I wanted it to feel simple, like I was always in a state of growth, and that things were fun. Simple did not mean easy. It meant that I wanted the processes to feel simple, and I wanted working with my clients to just feel at ease. 

So now I’m reflecting on 2021, and I see that the podcast was a huge place of growth. Getting fully booked in September of this year was a huge amount of growth. And guess what? It was fun doing it. Opening up the Facebook group and changing the way we do engagement in the Facebook group was fun. I can’t even tell you how much fun that brings me.

We also took two family vacations that were bucket list trips. I didn’t work on Fridays and spent several WHOLE  weekends with my phone completely off. I have also more than doubled my revenue since 2019 and met some amazing people from all over the globe on the way. So 2021, all in all, was a huge success. 


Think about it from a different place.

Are you impacting lives? Is it that you’re going to give back to certain foundations?  What about family vacations and spending quality time together on the weekends instead of working? There are so many other things like this to take into consideration when you are deeming whether or not your year has been a success.

One of the things I really want to bring into my business in 2022 is a foundational give back. Whether that’s a different charity every month or a couple different charities every quarter, it’s  something that I want to do.  I want to donate a percentage of my proceeds to a charity So if I can look at that and feel like I have donated at the end of every single month, that is a success.


So- what is your vision for the year ahead?

How does it look? I want you to think about it beyond numbers, beyond these huge goals, and  beyond your email list. Think about it from a place of impact, work/life balance, and a place of just pure happiness and joy. But what is it at the end of the year that will make you feel like your year was a success? 

I encourage you to sit with this and really think about it. I know many of you pick a word of the year. Last year, I picked 3: simple, growth, and fun. Because that to me was the theme for my year. So I would encourage you to do that too if one word doesn’t make sense or doesn’t feel good. 

Share your vision.

I would love it if you would share your vision for 2002  with me in my Facebook Group. I want to hold you accountable to it and share in your success. Let me cheer you on. I want to encourage you and push you when you need that push. So please share your vision for the year ahead with me. Also, do you have a word of the year or a theme? Please share that with me as well. 

I am wishing you an absolutely amazing 2022, and I am honored to be here with you. Thank you for allowing me to be on this journey with you. I cannot wait to see the growth that is happening for each and every single one of us in 2022. So here’s to an amazing 2022. 


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