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Plan Your Business Strategy Like You Plan A Cross Country Road Trip

Plan Your Business Strategy Like You Plan A Cross Country Road Trip

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If you were planning a cross country road trip from Florida to California, you wouldn’t try to drive that entire trip all alone in one day, would you? No! It’s not physically possible to do that, right? When you are driving cross country, you have to break the trip down into smaller increments and plan stopping points and rest along the way.

Your biz growth strategy is the same as a cross country road trip. You need to have a destination in mind and then break it down into smaller steps to get you there. And you need to be realistic about it.  Just like you wouldn’t get from Florida to California in one day, you can’t get from $50k to $250k in a couple months. Let’s talk about how you can approach your growth strategy and goals the same way you would map out a cross country trip.


Make a plan.

If you’re driving across the country from Florida to California, you would not expect to make it in one day. However, this is what I see all the time with business owners looking for growth. What I mean by this is they are trying to get from point A to point B in an unrealistic amount of time or with an unrealistic plan of action. 

For example, let’s say you are trying to grow your business from $50,000 in revenue to $250,000 in revenue. You would not expect to go from $50,000 in revenue to $250,000 in revenue in a matter of a couple of months, right? It’s highly unrealistic. You’re trying to go from 0 to 100.


Slow down and think about your intention.

If you are feeling like your goals are slightly unattainable or you’re feeling stuck with your growth strategy, I want you to think about your intention in your plan the same way you would a cross country road trip. Get out a piece of paper and think about where you are starting from and where you are trying to go. What is the overall “final destination”?  

One you have figured out that “final destination”, you need to stop and think about what the first step is. It’s similar to what your first day of driving would be like. You’re going to get in the car to leave Florida and move in the direction of California. But what would be a real logistic first stopping point? Would that be Alabama or Louisiana? 

I want you to then think about this with your business. So if you’re trying to go from $50,000 to $250,000, then your first stopping point might be to increase from $50,000 to $75,000. What do you need to do to get from $50,000 to $75,000? And what is the time frame that you need to accomplish that? 


Break it down into smaller steps.

You want to take your overall big picture, cross country road trip, and you want to break it down into these first initial steps. When you do this, you can then put an action plan in place that makes it easier for you to actually execute on every single day. The same way when you wake up if you were on a cross country road trip. Every day when you wake up, you know you’re heading in the right direction. You’re heading towards California, and moving in the direction of your end destination. But you also understand that you’re not going to get there in one day, or two days, even for that matter. 


The more you can break it down, the easier this is going to be to execute. 

So if you need to break it down into 10 steps, that’s fine. If you need to break it down into 20 steps, that’s fine. Bottom line…figure out what it looks like to actually break down your growth strategy into increments that are realistic and attainable.


Remember, there is also a little bit of stretch that can be in your plan, too. 

If you were going on this cross country road trip, could you drive for two hours and call it a day? Yeah, but would it push you a little bit more to drive for 10? Yeah. Would it push you a little bit more to drive for 16? Absolutely. Is it possible to drive for 16 hours? Do you physically have the strength and time to do this? 


Those are the things that you need to be thinking about with your business, too. 

This analogy might seem a little crazy. But when you really sit down and think about it, it works. I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen. Draw a line just like you would with a cross country road trip. Draw out Point A and Point B and then all the steps in between. Then figure out what it takes to get to each individual one of those steps. 

Each step allows you to build on it to get you to the next step. Every stop is a foundational stopping point that you can then build off of. That’s what I want you to work on if you’re feeling stuck with your strategy for growth. Are you trying to get from Florida to California in one day in your business? If so, break it down.


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