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The Secret Sauce to Success is…

The Secret Sauce to Success is...

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Do you want to know the secret sauce to success? That ONE magic pill, that ONE thing that will take your business to the top. I’ve got it and I am sharing it with you! Are you ready for it? It’s YOU! YOU ARE 100% THE “SECRET SAUCE” OF SUCCESS IN YOUR BUSINESS! That’s it. It’s really as simple as that. Now, let’s discuss why and how YOU are the secret sauce to success in your business.


We are all different

There are very few of us out there who are creating something that is brand new to our respective industries. But how you deliver what it is that you do, makes all the difference. How you speak, show up, teach, and learn makes you different from everyone else around you. We are all different. 

You might offer the exact same product or service, or a very similar package, as someone else in your industry. But how you execute on that package to your client is completely different. The clients that you work with are different. How you interact with your clients is different. So stop looking for something else and start looking within. 


The secret sauce lies within…

You are the secret sauce to your business. I can 100% promise and guarantee you that when you can realize, understand, and embrace that, it’s magical. So believe it!  You are what makes your product or service unique. When you fully embrace that fact, your business will completely change. 

I’m living breathing proof of that. In 2021, I had to finally tell myself that I am a damn good coach. I said to myself, “You can do this! The way you present things is totally different. How you teach, speak, and get people to think is different.” Many people have told me that I made them think about things completely different. That’s the secret sauce. 

But that secret sauce is just me. It’s just how my brain processes information. Your brain processes information completely differently. That’s what makes you the secret sauce to your business. 


Stop looking for some magical secret sauce.

Yes, there are ways you need to position your offers. There are ways that you need to position your messaging and make sure that you’re speaking to the right client. That all matters. But the reality is…the constant search for what really makes your business unique is just wasted time. 


I want you to remember that you are 100% the secret sauce to your business. 

There is no other sauce out there. YOU ARE IT! There’s no other magic pill or brilliant thing that makes you unique. We are all unique in our own way. When you can embrace that, that is where the magic happens. Embrace the fact that you are what makes your business different. It’s magical and empowering. In fact, It completely shifts your focus and your energy when you can embrace the fact that you are the secret sauce to your business.I promise you! Just try it. Tell yourself, “I am a damn good_____. I am the secret sauce to my business.” 


Tell me about your secret sauce.

I want you to go into the Facebook group and tell me, what is it that makes you unique? What is your secret sauce? Is it in the way you think, how you present, or how you attract people? I know for me, it’s in the fact that I think differently. I let people think from a completely different perspective and come in from that polar opposite point of view than most people. That’s my secret sauce. What’s yours? Share it inside the community.


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