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Success, Netflix, and Morning Routines

Success, Netflix, and Morning Routines

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Have you ever been told that in order to be successful as an entrepreneur you have to get up at 5 AM, have an immaculate morning routine, and then proceed to spend every waking minute working in your business? I’m sure you have, because I have heard all those same things before, too. We are made to believe that waking up at 8 instead of 5 or binge watching Netflix is the express lane to failure. SURPRISE…I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. 


You can be successful and still binge watch Netflix. 

You can be successful and not get up at 5 AM and not have a glorified morning routine. I tell you this because 2021 was by far my most successful year, and I binge watched multiple Netflix series. And I never got up at 5 AM. Truth be told, I really suck at routines. 

I enjoy having downtime at night and like to watch TV in the evenings with my husband. So many people say that you can’t have success if you watch Netflix.  They say all the hours that you’re wasting watching Netflix are hours you could be putting into your business. I call bullshit on this. 


Everyone is different.

Maybe working every waking hour working on your business works for some people, but it doesn’t work for everybody.  That is the key. We need to take time to let our brains rest and spend time with our family and friends. 


Eliminate all the shoulds.

If you suck at morning routines and hate getting up at 5 AM, don’t do it. Do what makes YOU successful. What is going to determine your success is when you work in the fashion that your mind and body are in the best state. If your mind and body are not in the best state at 5 AM, then you’re not going to put out your best content. 

For example, I put out my best content between the hours of 12 PM and 3 PM. It’s when my mind and body are functioning at their best. I can get more done in those three hours than I can get done my entire morning. 


I just want you to understand that success is defined by you. 

Nobody else gets to define what success looks like for you.  If this is something that’s really important to you, and you really want to do something new, that’s a whole different story. But if it’s not something that’s a goal of yours, don’t do it because you feel like you should. 

There is a huge difference between pushing yourself to do something that you feel is important versus doing something because every guru in their brother is telling you that you should do it. I’m here to give you the permission to go watch a damn Netflix series. Define your own success.


Do whatever makes you happy. 

I’m not here to say you don’t need to push yourself a little bit. But I can honestly tell you 2021 was my most successful year because I stopped trying to force myself into this square box that I didn’t fit into. I stopped forcing myself to fit into this routine that I didn’t like. When I stopped doing that, put my blinders on, and did what I felt was best, I thrived the most. That’s when everything changed. 


I am here to say you can still be successful and watch Netflix. 

Take it for what it’s worth.  Some people agree, and some people disagree. Find where you fit. But know that I’m always in your corner. If you tell me that by 7 PM you want to go watch a couple episodes of a show,  I’m going to tell you to go do it. Go take a break. 


Own your goals.

I want you to do things because they are a goal or a desire, not because you feel like you should. If you’re doing something because you feel like you should be doing and you really are not enjoying it, then I want you to eliminate it. It’s that simple.


Success comes when you show up as your best self. 

You can be successful in whatever way that looks like for you. Stop allowing other people to define your success, how you should live your life, and how you should be an entrepreneur. Because you are the only person that gets to define that. Nobody else.


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